Successful People Who took Adderall, Zuckerberg, Oprah….

Successful People Who took Adderall

If you’ve ever had a hunch that maybe Adderall, nootropics, or other stimulants have been involved in certain Successful People billionaires, CEO’s, politicians, and Wall Street Guru’s successes, then you would be right on target. Scuffington Post recently published an article titled “The one thing these 5 crazy successful people do…Adderall” and they weren’t wrong by any means. Among them are some familiar names, like Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Hanks, and Lyndon B. Johnson (who used Adderall to make the time he had in office as fast and efficient as he possibly could) alongside some lesser known names, such as Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks Coffee).

More about Adderall

What is it exactly that made stimulants and smart drugs alike so efficient in the workplace that even the most famous, wealthy, and powerful of people credit it to their success? These are people without ADD or ADHD, taking smart drugs in an effort to perform on a level of perfection in a demanding environment, and to ensure optimum focus on the days they needed it the most. Mark Zuckerberg is quoted as saying “I used to have to stay up for hours on end writing code, and you physically can’t do that if you’re not taking a lot of Adderall, or some other brain enhancing drug.”

Tom Hanks said “How else do you think I lost all that weight so fast.” And Howard Schultz followed up, saying “coffee was always there for me, but as far as reaching that next level, Adderall was the trick that did it, it really was what jump started and propelled my business.” Even Oprah Winfrey said “if not been for smart drugs, I’d still be a CNN news anchor right now” a hard thought to bear. Even a former, and one of the best, President’s of the United States, in Lyndon B. Johnson, sworn in on a plane, was known to take brain enhancing drugs on a regular basis!

If these people took smart drugs way back when to be successful, surely with our more modern day, potent, efficient, less risky, and generally better smart drugs, you can use nootropics to climb the ladder of wealth and power, break out of the classism mindset that “it is almost impossible to improve your class level of wealth” and start living life in the fast lane, the life of your dreams.

Why is it exactly though, that these drugs would make one successful? Motivation, focus, and a tunnel vision on one’s goals. Howard Schultz and Mark Zuckerberg used smart drugs to zone in on what it is they wanted to do, and what they precisely wanted to use it for in order to generate success and wealth, by doing this same tactic, and using things even healthier than ADHD stimulants such as nootropics, speed reading and sexual transmutation to make it to the top, you WILL become a better, smarter, quicker, more motivated, more successful version of yourself.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about nootropics currently? Leave a comment down below with your opinion of them and I’ll tell you mine

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