Sulbutiamine Half Life

What is the Sulbutiamine Half-Life?

Because of its positive effects, Sulbutiamine is sometimes called a party drug. Sulbutiamine is a brain-boosting drug known as a nootropic. It helps with memory and brain function. Sulbutiamine typically has a half-life of 4-6 hours.

Benefits of a Sulbutiamine Half-Life

  • It can help with congestive memory
  • Can help with erectile dysfunction
  • Can help with shyness
  • Sulbutiamine can help with sadness


The dosage of Sulbutiamine is 600mgs daily, but they’re given in three, 200 mg doses. Sulbutiamine should always be taken with water to help with her absorption of the medication.


The price for Sulbutiamine is a fairly cheap supplement. The price is about $14 for 90 capsules.

Safety Concerns

Sulbutiamine can be a bit habit forming and can have some problems when someone goes to withdraw from the supplement. People who are taking any anti-psychotic medicines should not take Sulbutiamine because it can increase the effects of the medication.

Long-Term Use

Short term Sulbutiamine is great, taking Sulbutiamine longer than two weeks can cause a person to gain tolerance to the supplement, causing it not to work as it used to. Long term use can also cause someone to be addicted to the medication, which in turn is not a good idea for someone who is easily addicted do medications.


Sulbutiamine has been researched to help with anxiety by the Sulbutiamine helping with the dopamine sectors a person’s brain. Along with the helping with the dopamine sectors, Sulbutiamine has been shown to help with improving moods and alertness with the people who take it.


Users have had a lot of success with the use of Sulbutiamine when taken correctly and in cycles. There have been a lot of people who have energy and are feeling wonderful after taking the Sulbutiamine.

Side Effects

While there aren’t many side effects of Sulbutiamine, and they are very mild they do include

  • Rash
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Mild Agitation

Final Thoughts on the Sulbutiamine Half-Life

As a supplement, Sulbutiamine, is a great choice, as long as it’s not being used and excess. It has tons of power, help, and energy.


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