Sulbutiamine Safety

What Does Sulbutiamine Safety Look Like, and Why Is It Important?

Sulbutiamine is a synthetic derivative of Thiamine that was developed in Japan. Its original purpose was to provide a more efficient and effective version of Vitamin B1. Its brand name is Arcalion and is categorized as a nootropic supplement. Sulbutiamine provide more mental energy, focus, and attention.

Sulbutiamine Safety Benefits

The benefits of Sulbutiamine are numerous. For example, Sulbutiamine is used for tiredness. Research has shown that taking this supplement for a period of four weeks can help to improve an aspect of tiredness called psycho-behavioral inhibition. It is also said to help improve diabetic nerve pain.

Dosage for Sulbutiamine Safety

The specific dosage that each person has to take of Sulbutiamine is totally dependent on his or her specific health condition or what they do personally hope to achieve by taking this element. Some people don’t even take it to improve certain health conditions. They do take it for other reasons as well. The dosage each person should get of Sulbutiamine is also dependent on other factors, such as an individual’s age, health, and several other conditions.


The prices on Sulbutiamine also vary. Do a little research online before making your purchase. Because, while it may seem to be priced somewhat high on one website, it may be a bit cheaper on another website. Overall, though, it isn’t a tremendously expensive nootropic to buy at the end of the day.

Safety Concerns

Sulbutiamine is safe to take. However, it should only be taken for the short term, and not at all for the long term. Dosages about to 600 mg can be taken for a period of four weeks straight. Nonetheless, it isn’t advised for long term usage, because there just isn’t enough information available on it medically for people to take it for the long term.


Research is an open door on this supplement and there still is much to be done.

Online Reviews

One review says that Sulbutiamine has increased their concentration and mental stimulation. The very same can be said about motivation as well. Someone did say, however, that they were interested in buying Sulbutiamine because of its energy enhancing properties.

Side Effects

The most common side effects are associated with short term usage of Sulbutiamine. Some of these symptoms do include nausea, headache, tiredness, and not being able to go to sleep.

Final Thoughts

It seems to be a supplement that has its good side and bad side. However, despite this fact, some people do seem to get good results with it. The good result is a good thing. However, the lack of medical information is a concern, and this is something that shouldn’t be overlooked at all.


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