Sunifiram Dosage

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Sunifiram Dosage

Sunifiram is also termed as DM-235, which is a derivative of piperazine of Piracetam. It is generally linked with Racetam compounds. It is considered to be stronger than Piracetam and belongs to the Ampakine family. Sunifiram usage has shown significant improvement in focus, memory and energy, without any stimulation side effects. This supplement is often available in the powder form. It acts as an AMPA receptor modulator that is used by Glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter. It stimulates the acetylcholine release and also forms new links between neurons.

Benefits of Sunifiram

  • Decision making is greatly improved in the user.
  • With its aid, Short-term memory conversion to long-term memory takes place much faster than normal.
  • The motor skills are enhanced due to raised control over contraction of muscles.
  • It improves information retention and memory in the user.
  • Focus, cognitive capabilities and concentration are greatly improved in the user.
  • Alertness, levels in mental energy, and attention span are increased due to significantly raised glutamate activity


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More about Sunifiram

The user experiences reveal that the focus and productivity are greatly increased with its usage. There is a rush of mental energy and great motivation level in the user. It enhances mood, and provides relaxation and calm after taking the supplement. Learning, formation of new memories, reasoning, recalling and retention capacities are greatly increased after using the supplement. People have been using this supplement to overcome procrastination in their tasks. While it only lasts around 2 hours per dose, it is safe (provided choline is used with it) to continue redosing-just keep……repleneshing….those choline stores.

Dosage of Sunifiram:

The Sunifiram Dosage is more potent than other racetam nootropics and hence works on a smaller dosage. It is stronger than Noopept and 1000 times stronger than Piracetam. The typical sunifiram dosage is between 4-8mg. It should be taken three times in a day. It is ingested sublingually, implying it should be taken by placing it below the tongue. Increased dosage shall maximize the side effects and risks associated with its use. For beginners, half of the dosage is enough and one should see its effects before going for larger dosages.It is available in a more concentrated form than Pramiracetam. One can find positive effects just by taking a small dose of as low as 4mg. People generally take in excess of 5-8mg, however, for stimulated effect. For an effect similar to Adderall, a dosage of 10mg of Sunifiram is taken by many people. This dosage is not likely to cause any side effects that are serious and is also non-toxic to use. Some of them might find an increase in body temperature along with perspiration. Hence, taking half a dose of 3mg for the initial week is best and comfortable.

A mega dose or a large dose can result in over stimulation, inability to think, brain fogging, etc. The symptoms remain in the user as long as the effect of the supplement remains in the system. This is due to excessive AMPA and NDMA receptors activation. This can lead to excitotoxicity. The dosage of Sunifiram hence should not exceed a dose of 10mg.

Side effects: There are no severe side effects associated with Sunifiram as long as the recommended dosage is not exceeded by users. Since every individual is different, some may experience minor side effects. These include insomnia, headaches, enhanced sweating, feeling of anxiety and decreased memory. Headache may result however, if choline is not supplemented.

Final Thoughts

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