What is Sunifiram – My Review of the Strongest Nootropic I’ve Ever Taken

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What is Sunifiram

I originally had high expectations for what is now my favorite nootropic, Sunifiram, and they were satisfied plus some after I finally gave this amazing drug a shot. I placed a small scoop of powder under my tongue, and instead of a painfully bitter taste like I had become accustomed to with Noopept, I noticed a slight, yet pleasant tingling sensation, similar to that of a cinnamon breath spray, and easily ingested the white powder. Within ten minutes, a dramatic onset of improved vision came to be, and I immediately looked around the room in awe at how powerful this newly developed nootropic was. My body temperature rose slightly, I began to feel a rush of energy throughout my body and mind, and I immediately became immensely productive, Sunifiram was like stacking a high noopept dose with Adderall, yet taking out any unpleasant and detrimental side effects. I felt clear headed, slightly euphoric, and overall has a much greater sense of intelligence and clarity of thought.

I easily blew through a full paper in less then an hour, and even managed to give an oral presentation with what felt like an extremely upped sense of confidence. The only downside to this nootropic drug was the unfortunate reality that its effects were short lived, leaving me to redose nearly three ties throughout the day.  Nonetheless I loved Sunifiram, and when taken in moderation, it can provide a much needed boost to the quality of anyone’s life.

Sunifiram works by activating the AMPA receptors in the brain, causing significant increase in overall brain function, as well as serving to operate as an anti-amnesiac. With a mechanism of action similar to that of Aniracetam, Noopept, Piracetam, and most closely, Nefiracetam, Sunifiram is a fast rising drug of the future, who’s popularity has quickly exceeded any expectations.

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More about Sunifiram

Although relatively understudied, Sunifiram currently holds extreme premise as a cognitive enhancer, and has undergone appropriate clinical trials to be considered adequately safe. Also labeled as DM-235, Sunifiram is a drug molecularly similar to a synthetic derivative of Piracetam, and is generally regarded as over 5000 times higher than this original nootropic. Sunifiram’s main effects come in the form of activating the hippocampus, greatly increasing Long Term Potentiation (or LTP) and allowing for much more memories, and difficult materials, to be stored in the memory sector of the brain.

Sunifiram is labeled as an AMPAkine nootropic due in part to its mechanism of action, in that it strongly influences both the AMPA receptors, and the NDMA receptors in the brain, greatly improving their rate of activity. Dosing of Sunifiram is currently still being studied, although the general consensus is that somewhere between 5 and 15 mg of Sunifiram should be used when administering the drug, and that Sunifiram should either be taken sparingly, or cycled off to ensure no lasting effects can come of it. While Sunifiram is an amazing nootropic and has many unique benefits that far supercede the benefits of other, weaker racetams and nootropics, much caution should be exercised when toying with this drug, as much research needs to be conducted before taking it on a regular, perfectly consistent basis.

Final Thoughts

Sunifiram is an amazing, newly developed nootropic with a wide array of novel cognitive benefits, otherwise unheard of in the nootropic world. Sunifiram should be taken in dosed of 5-15 mg, and should be either cycled, or used only on occasion. For more nootropic information you can also head over to nootropics4college.com to see how students use nootropics in order to improve GPA, and overall college performance, click on the banner above on the site to save 10% or more on Onnit nootropics, and see just how intelligent you can become. So give Sunifiram a try, you might just surprise yourself with how smart you are!

Update: *Sunifiram has now been deemed unsafe for human consumption, it is no longer being sold on this site nor in the nootropics universe. Luckily however Noopept is virtually identical!

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