The Side Effects Of Using Sunifiram: Weighing Its Potential Risks

What Is Sunifiram?

Sunifiram is an artificial derivative of Piracetam. It’s one of the recent and most formidable Nootropics drugs currently existing on the market. The drug has a similar action similar to Nefiracetam in the hippocampus. The drug is well known as a cognitive enhancer, and it has low toxicity levels. The drug acts on the AMPA receptors of the human brain allowing a high level of mental energy.


The drug was discovered in 2000, and it’s one of the Nootropic drugs that are recently on the market. The drug is available to the public over a year now, and it acts as a memory-boosting substance. The drug is well known that it doesn’t cause any mild side effects when taken at the correct dosage. The drug is the most popular Ampakine for casual users of Nootropics drugs. This drug is well-preferred due to its greater benefits.

How To Use This Drug

Sunifiram is extremely powerful, and hence small doses should be taken. The drug is known that it works well when taken under the tongue. Also, ingestion is a bit easy. When using the drug, start with a small dose, and see how your body will react to it. One can increase the dose after a week. Exceeding a dose of 10mg per day can cause mild side effects on the body. It’s better also to spread the drug over the course of the week. This is done by taking tolerance breaks.

How Long Does Sunifiram Last?

Sunifiram is the most potent Nootropics drug available in the market. The drug enables a user to have the ability to absorb new information and learn quickly. Users have reported that this drug subtle mood one feels like their day is brighter and feel happier. Most users have nicknamed this drug as the “sunny” as they don’t regret using the drug for their daily purpose.

Once the drug has been administered in the body, the effects can be felt within the one hour. The action of Sunifiram lasts in the body for about two to four hours, this is just a typical short-lived effect of other related Nootropics stimulants. The drug is also effective and efficient in the body, and that is the reason as to why users are recommended to start with a small dose of three to four mg per day.


According to the research done on this drug and also users’ reviews, the benefit of this drug is extremely potent. As it relates to the cognitive enhancers, this gives the reasons as to why most students take this drug. When taken at the correct dosage, the benefits are:

  • Makes one feel more relaxed when trying to keep focus.
  • It increases the level of working memory this led to a high level of recalling information and also a high degree of hearing. The drug also enhances long-term memory this indicates that one can be able to store much information for future use.
  • High level of concentration during classwork activities. The user can feel less disrupted by some external stimuli. Some employees who are working in competitive career jobs can benefit from this drug.
  • The drug also increases blood flow to the sex organs and other pleasure centers. This heightened the perception of touch and increased stamina. This will finally make more libido secretions hence increase a high rate of sex drive among couples.
  • It enables users to feel more motivated by increasing energy level. This is possible due to the increased level of glutamine in the body
  • The drug also reduces the incidences of postponing things. The user feels more goal-oriented and the feeling of doing more things. This is of great benefit to students and employees.

Recommended Dosage

The dosage varies from individual to individual based on body weight, height, tolerance to the drug, and tolerance to other stimulants. This drug is more influential than any other stimulant of Racetam class. A dose between ranges of four to eight mg is recommended for adults, and it should be taken thrice in a day. Don’t overuse the drug above ten mg per day to avoid side effects that range between therapeutic to harmful or mild. Also, cycle the drug by taking one week then off for a week, or two weeks and then off for a week.

The overuse might make your brain much too stimulated, and this can cause memory problems and unclear thinking. The first users should start with a small dose, that is, three to four mg per day. The dose can be increased slightly after one or two weeks.

Side Effects

There are few side effects that have been reported when one takes the recommended dosage. Exceeding a dose of 10 mg per day can cause the following side effects:

  • A headache this can be corrected by taking a Choline supplement
  • Dehydration
  • Insomnia especially when taken prior to bedtime
  • Mild crash and nausea
  • Decreased memory capacity
  • Anxiety when the drug wears off in the body
  • Increased rate of perspiration
  • Restlessness

Long-Term Effects

Long-term effects of this drug can cause both negative and positive effects, including the following:

  • It enhances memory recall, especially in students. This can give students a chance to recall events and details that had occurred a long time ago and were deemed forgotten. This can be helpful especially when exams and studies are approaching.
  • Elderly people can be given this drug to correct declined memory especially those one’s who had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Anxiety can occur
  • Indigestion
  • A headache due to dehydration and low level of Acetylcholine
  • Insomnia especially when one take the drug during evening hours like 6 p.m.

Since the Sunifiram drug is still new in the market, few reports have been provided to show users reactions over the long-term effects of the drug. But above all, it’s better to take the drug at the recommended dosage. Furthermore, pregnant women and also nursing mothers should avoid taking the drug since its water-soluble, hence, it can be easily absorbed into the blood stream.


Sunifiram in 1000 times more potent when compared to Piracetam. Some clinical studies had been conducted and it has been found out that it improves memory and also a cognitive center. Furthermore, the drug has been proven to have side no side effects when taken at the recommended dose. This is the reason as to why most students use this drug to boost their memory and how they can recall information.

Safety Concerns

This drug is known to be safe with few dangers when taken under the recommended dose. Since this drug is new in the market, the following effects are only a few that have been reported with this drug:

  • Insomnia especially when taken at around 6 p.m.
  • Indigestion due to hydration
  • High rate of sweating due to increased body temperature
  • Liver toxicity can rise; this is possible due to the breakdown of the drug in the liver. The drug is considered stimulant and due to its breakdown, and it can increase enzymes in the liver and this dangerous to the body.
  • Anxiety especially when the drug wears off in the body
  • Skin conditions, like DRESS Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, can occur. However, this side effect is very minimal
  • A headache. This can be corrected by taking Choline supplement to increase the level of Acetylcholine in the brain.

The above effects have been suggested to be caused by using the drug alongside with other medication without a clear prescription from a doctor. The drug is water soluble therefore it’s not recommended to be taken by pregnant women and also those who are nursing their babies. Also in kids, then a drug is not a good idea to be given to them to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Is Sunifiram Legal?

Each country has its regulation about certain drugs. In the USA, Sunifiram is available to any user. However, it has not been approved by the FDA. In the United Kingdom, the drug can be bought and sold; the drug doesn’t require a prescription. In Canada, the drug doesn’t have a Drug Identification Number (DIN), so the drug is not yet registered with the Food and Drug Administration. This indicates that in Canada, one cannot import the drug for sale or distribution. One can purchase the drug for personal use, but it is not for sale to the public. Sunifiram is largely free of side effects if taken in proper doses.

In Australia, this drug is not a schedule for prescription neither is it in the list of the poisons. One can sell the drug within the country. In most countries, this drug is illegal and anyone found possessing the drug can be fined or jailed. When traveling to different countries, it’s better to know their legal status about the drug you are using to avoid being banned or some embarrassment that may occur.

User Reviews

Users give out testimonies that this drug is just like a prescription stimulant, only with a much shorter mechanism of action.

Final Thoughts

Sunifiram is a potent nootropic supplement. The drug is well known to have several benefits to the user when used at the correct dosage. These benefits are improved cognitive functions, increased moods, increased energy, and enhanced memory function. It’s of great benefit to take the drug at the recommended dosage at directed to enjoy the benefits offered by the drug.

Amongst the nootropics drugs, Sunifiram is well-preferred since it doesn’t cause mild side effects, especially when taken at the recommended dose. Children should not be exposed to this drug as a memory stimulant. This can impair with their body both psychologically and physiologically.

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