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  • How to Get your doctor to Prescribe you Nuvigil

    How to Get a Nuvigil Prescription Checkout Provigil for a Great Nootropic, the Strongest Nootropic on the Market!   So how can you get your doctor to prescribe you Nuvigil? If you've read my previous posts on  "how to get your doctor to prescribe you Adderall" and "how to get your doctor to prescribe you Provigil" this will be very similar in fashion to those, yet is EXTREMELY harder than those other two, in that it is a new and slightly stronger form of modafinil, known...
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  • Provigil vs Nuvigil

    Provigil vs Nuvigil For many, Nuvigil is a novel drug that has gone unnoticed (I know the first time I saw it I thought it was just another brand name for modafinil) but with my newfound knowledge concerning Armodafinil, I will now inform you, my loyal readers, of exactly what brand names of Armodafinil they are, what Armodafinil is and why it’s better, different and stronger, and finally, how you can and should be using Armodafinil in your nootropic cocktails.   Provigil is one...
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  • Why Armodafinil is Now Among the Most Powerful Smart Drugs

    Armodafinil is Now Among the Most Powerful Smart Drugs While Armodafinil can be hard to get, we have Adrafinil in stock that is 99% identical to the prescription! Armodafinil is a newly patented form of the original pro-drug for narcolepsy, Modafinil, which carries with it a longer, stronger and cleaner duration, much more potent effects, and much less of a vast array of sometimes harsh side effects. Armodafinil was created by the same company that produces modafinil/provigil, Cephalon,...
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