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  • Limitless NZT

    Estimated Read Time: 11-15 Minutes Limitless NZT "Limitless" the movie, made in 2011, will soon be making waves as a TV series adaptation in the coming months. Like many people who soon became interested in nootropics, Limitless was one of the main URL's and youtube interests that led me towards researching nootropics (starting with piracetam and eventually working my way up) further, and even in trying nootropics. Though Limitless was a grossly exaggerated film, and that many people were turned...
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  • How Noopept Feels -The Truth Behind the Real Limitless Pill

    Estimated Read Time: 10-11 Minutes How Noopept Feels -The Truth Behind the Real Limitless Pill The word unusual with relevance to this drug is an understatement due to its extremely peculiar functioning, as well as permanent effects on the human brain when used over a long period of time. Noopept reacts on acetylcholoine to a small extent, much like the racetams, but also has an interesting effect on the size of neurons, attributing heavily to nerve growth factor (NGF) and resulting...
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