Taking Aniracetam Long-Term

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Aniracetam, a nootropic supplement developed in the 70’s in Belgium, falls into the Racetam category of nootropics. Aniracetam has been well studied over a period of nearly half a century, and has been overall well-tolerated in all patients who have taken it, even in doses as much as 100x of that recommended! Here’s how Aniracetam works…

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More About Aniracetam

Aniracetam improves mental performance by increasing memory and overall enhancing learning capacity because of the myriad of cognitive functions in which it effects, including focus, mental endurance, memory, visual perception, and the prefrontal lobe cortex of the brain. Aniracetam’s effects..like any other drug, essentially are varied from person to person. Aniracetam is very useful as an intense focusing agent, and while not quite as strong as something like Noopept or Adrafanil, Aniracetam is one of the best long-term nootropics by way of how it affects the brains reward center in such a dramatic way, causing it to influence the degree to which neurotransmitters activate permanently, that means that even after you stop taking Aniracetam that if you’ve taken it for long enough, you’ll still have your increased brain power! This comes from two phenomenon’s NGF, or Nerve Growth Factor, which extends the length of neurons in the brain and makes them function at a higher then normal capacity rate, and BDNF, or Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, which causes the brain to concentrate and function at a much higher level overall as a result of prolonged exposure to increased brain function. Aniracetam can also improve mental fluidity and skills that require much mental effort. Many users feel effects similar to nicotine when taking aniracetam, meaning that they feel both stimulated and alert, yet relaxed and calm all the same. Your current mood and energy level can have an extreme impact as to which way this nootropic supplement will effect you, those with anxiety will likely see relaxation, while those with high energy levels and a bolstered sense of confidence will likely see effects resembling that of a stimulant, for this reason, Aniracetam stacks very well with all nootropics, and especially Afinil’s like Adrafanil, Armodafinil, and Modafinil.

The exact mechanism of aniracetam is not known entirely to a tee, yet much about it has been studied and found out in clinical trials with the drug that it has been deemed as extremely safe. Aniracetam easily crosses the blood brain barrier and quickly gets to its directed mechanism of action (within thirty minutes), binding to certain receptors and increasing the flood of their sites neurotransmitters in the process. Aniracetam acts on primarily the brain’s acetylcholine receptors causing this powerful chemical to remain active in the brain for a long period of time-this neurotransmitter is vital to key processes like memory, clarity of thought, movement, creativity, and focus. Modulation of additional chemicals in the brain include dopamine and seratonin-though to a much lesser extent then the primary affected chemical. By improving the activity of these neurotransmitters all in synergy, Aniracetam also helps combat anxiety to a significant extent.

Clinical Uses and Trials

There are many clinical uses for this great Smart Drug, such as a possible treatment for ADHD overseas, as well as for nootropic based supplement regiments designed specifically for alzheimer’s (all racetams are currently under trial for this.) Because of its effects on dopamine and seratonin, Aniracetam can also be used to deal with a number of mood-related and anxiety issues, such as depression, seasonal affective disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. It has also been shown to help with mood-related sleep disorders, and has been labeled as an immunocorrector in mice at administered doses of 700mg three times per day. Aniracetam’s only potential side effect comes by way of a mild headache, which is easily vanquished from question if a hearty dose of CDP Choline is added to the nootropic equation.


Typical doses of Aniracetam start at 700mg administered three times per day, and move all the way up to a starting attack dose (high dosage of a nootropic to start off the cumulative administration process) of around twelve grams. Experiment with dosages at your leisure with this nootropic and bare in mind that it has a cumulative effect, Aniracetam has been reported as extremely safe and does not elevate heart rate (except to an extremely small degree)…so dosages of up to 50x that of recommended have been reported as entirely non-harmful.

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