Taking Noopept Long Term, 100 Days of Noopept

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Taking Noopept Long Term

Noopept is a piracetam derived and ampakine-like nootropic who’s effects border on the line of extreme in the realm of smart drugs. With a chemical name N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, Noopept’s major effects are on the brains visual, memory, focus, and logic centers. Noopept is more than just a simple nootropic however in that it displays more extreme cumulative effects on the brain (meaning it gets stronger the longer you take it because more of the nootropic is in your system) than any other nootropic drug, and it has been documented for decades as being both extremely safe and effective. One of the most effective and potent smart drugs on the market today, Noopept offers unending and permanent benefits in one’s memory, focus, clarity and overall intelligence. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike! Taking Noopept Long Term

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100 Days of Noopept, a Personal Review

Most that turn to Noopept do so with a burning desire to increase their brain power and soak in the true Nootropic experience. Noopept significantly improves recall, speed of mental processes, and most importantly, mental endurance! Most that do a Noopept cycle for the long term (you can take it for up to 3 months without cycling off) quote the ability to literally remember everything, and I can attest to this with my wholest ambitions, Noopept will

make you a genius while you’re on it and especially when you get off of it for the permanent. While on Noopept I found myself having much more goal-oriented thinking, and would catch myself mid sentence as I found myself rambling about some insanely complex problem that made me sound like a super geek. Believe me it’s so much fun being the smartest guy in the room! Brain fog is lifted, it all becomes clear, attention span and focus are improved, and anxiety is reduced to the point where you feel clear, cool and collected at all times. Using Noopept will also improve your motivation and overall zest for life.  How did the 100 days go however, week by week? Here’s a quick look

Day 1

The first day I took a 10mg Noopept capsule, and one 250mg CDP Choline Capsule, within an hour I felt improved clarity of thought and energy, but overall the effects were very subtle. Noopept can sometimes take a few days to truly build up in your system, so I pressed on.

Day 7

By day 7 I could really feel the Noopept kicking. I never increased my dose, and instead stuck to the one Noopept/One Choline Pill, once in the morning. This typically lasted around 12 hours, and I felt no need for redosing throughout the day. The effects on day 7 were noticeably more potent than on day 1.

Days 10-25

At around day 10 it seemed like the effects stopped getting stronger, and leveled out until around day 30. They were still very notieable, but no longer seemed to get more potent with each passing day. Diet, exercise and sleep patterns remained relatively normal, and overall I felt no desire to get off the Noopept, yet also never had any cravings, addictive behaviors etc. surrounding the nootropic when I was off it in the morning-I simply continued to take it in lieu of my experiment.

Days 30-60

At day 30 it seemed like the effects began to get stronger yet again, though a lot of this could be a combination of both a placebo effect, and my mind adjusting to the effects of how I learn on Noopept, and realizing how better to utilize this nootropic tool. Overall, no excess side effects, and no interrupted sleep patterns.

Day 100

The 100 days honestly flew by, and at around the halfway point it was like I had forgotten I was doing an experiment (just wanted to keep taking Noopept for the performance enhancement lol).

Bonus* Day 101…The AfterMath

On day 101, no real “crash” was felt like you’d get with Adderall, Coffee, or other stimulants. Instead I just felt normal again…only….something remained. I could definitely feel like my brain was functioning better than before I had started the 100 days. Whether it was the hard studying/learning/skills and working I did while under its influence, or whether the Noopept actually had a lingering effect….is anyone’s guess. Hell if it worked and your brain functions better afterwords…does it even matter why??:)

As far as overall brain health, Noopept has been proven in dozens of case studies to be extremely neuroprotective and of having properties on the brain closely related to that of anti-oxidants, meaning that Noopept can keep you healthy too (it has also been found to be an immunocorrector in trials performed with it on mice….though this was with injection of high doses, so studies are still being done on this possible effect.) Noopept may also have some interesting effects in the realm of addiction/alcoholism recover as well, and studies have shown that it can help repair synapses after an amphetamine addiction (see my upcoming memoir “Confessions of an AP Student” for a more in-depth look on this) and to reduce alcohol-related brain impairment in those recovering from alcoholism. Noopept can also improve the “tip of the tongue phenomenon” (when you just can’ t seem to think of the word) in its users, as well as improve transmission in the corpus callosum, and in between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

How does this miraculous Nootropic work?

Absorbed within the GI tract of the body, Noopept’s effects in the brain reach peak blood plasma concentration around fifteen minutes after ingestion (for sublingual-or under the toungue administration) or 30 minutes (for oral administration).It then quickly circulates the mind with its power and crosses the blood brain barrier with relative ease. It has an extremely high bioavailablity level, and is best when taken in lower doses as opposed to higher ones. Noopept is a drug that could have 10mg making you manic, yet 30mg making you tired…experiement and be sure to use your CDP Choline! Noopept functions on the glutamate receptors of the brain, the second most powerful receptor for learning other than dopamine (though far less neurotoxic and addictive), binding to these sites and stimulating the brains area of their receptors, making them more sensitive to glutamate and the neurotransmitter much more readily available. The glutamanergic system is associated with highly increased intelligence when it is functioning at above average levels!

The other way in which Noopept works to such extremeties is by producing extra O2 and stimulating the production of new oxygen molecules in the brain. This gives its user a feeling of clarity and makes it extremely non-addictive, unlike ADHD psychostimulants, which fill you with power and confidence like a symbiote only to hook you in, causing your brain to desire you a constant “enhancement” of sorts.

Best dosing of Noopept comes by way of a lower dose, start out with 10mg dosed 3x per day, and continue to increase the dosage in a U shaped curve as long as its effects remain as you desire. Noopept stacks great with other nootropics as well, especially modafinil, Sunifiram, Adrafanil, and CDP Choline!

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