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These guys are great. I ordered 120 capsules of Pramiracetam and instead of sending me 120, I was sent 130; not to mention, delivery was exceptionally fast! I just popped my first dose about twenty minutes ago, so I do not know how it will affect me, but I am sure that it will work great, given that this company has excellent reviews!

I recently heard about nootropics while traveling for my job, as well as simultaneously running a tech startup. Without a doubt these supplements work, I’m at a major advantage compared to my other colleagues that neglect smart drugs, even those more seasoned veteran’s in my profession. Definitely a major leg up on the competition. Thanks smartdrugsforcollege.com, you guys are a life saver for even the most mentally challenging of tasks!

I ordered Piracetam and CDP Choline from here (my favorite nootropic stack), the product quality was amazing and I received my order in less than 3 days. The product quality is definitely purity tested, after taking my stack I could feel it was helping me form sentences better


The shipping was really fast and the product bottle felt very professional. I love the Adrafinil, I can definitely feel an intense difference in my focus and memory!


  1. Frank
    , 2016-09-30

    just started into this new world to try out , have known about the smart drugs for many years and only started ,and after a few weeks noticed a slight change , early days . One thing is for certain is to start of in low or recommended dosage and find what is comfortable ,going to the unknown could spell trouble ,And remember your brain is like a stomach it get bigger on the info. that you feed it and these things will aid you to get there . COOL!

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