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These guys are great. I ordered 120 capsules of Pramiracetam and instead of sending me 120, I was sent 130; not to mention, delivery was exceptionally fast! I just popped my first dose about twenty minutes ago, so I do not know how it will affect me, but I am sure that it will work great, given that this company has excellent reviews!

I recently heard about nootropics while traveling for my job, as well as simultaneously running a tech startup. Without a doubt these supplements work, I’m at a major advantage compared to my other colleagues that neglect smart drugs, even those more seasoned veteran’s in my profession. Definitely a major leg up on the competition. Thanks, you guys are a life saver for even the most mentally challenging of tasks!

I ordered Piracetam and CDP Choline from here (my favorite nootropic stack), the product quality was amazing and I received my order in less than 3 days. The product quality is definitely purity tested, after taking my stack I could feel it was helping me form sentences better


The shipping was really fast and the product bottle felt very professional. I love the Adrafinil, I can definitely feel an intense difference in my focus and memory!