The 5 Most Popular Nootropic Stacks

One of the benefits of stacking nootropics together is that the individual supplements within the combination can potentiate the effects of one another. Because of this potential, many people have been combining different supplements to achieve a synergistic result. Not only can this save you some cost, but it can also reduce the possibility of an overdose occurring.

However, each supplement interacts differently with one another and, as such, they are not always synergistic. Furthermore, it is not always safe mixing nootropic substances together without knowledge nor experience with each of the drugs. Here are some popular combinations that have been tried and tested by many users to be both safe and effective.

The piracetam, aniracetam & oxiracetam stack (PAO Stack)

Combining piracetam, oxiracetam, and aniracetam will augment each of the drugs’ abilities for learning enhancement and memory improvement. Scientists believe that piracetam facilitates the effects of other racetams by opening the oxygen pathways in the cerebral cortex. In the meantime, aniracetam boosts mood and reduces anxiety while oxiracetam stimulates the Central Nervous System (CNS) to increase processing power.

The PAO stack is a very potent combination for cognitive enhancement and people new to racetams should first try each of the drugs separately before moving on to this powerful stack.

L-theanine & caffeine

Many people are familiar with caffeine’s power to temporarily increase alertness. Caffeine works by inhibiting the production of adenosine while stimulating the release of dopamine to enhance focus and concentration. However, it can be very potent and may lead to headaches and jitteriness.

On the other hand, l-theanine works by increasing the level of GABA to decrease neuron excitability. This capacity helps the user to achieve calm and focus while countering the adverse side effects of caffeine.

Piracetam & choline

Piracetam is the oldest within the racetam family and, therefore, has a well-established track record of being safe and effective for improving cognitive aptitude. Piracetam works by increasing the uptake of acetylcholine within the component of the brain that is responsible for memory formation. Therefore, many people take piracetam to achieve long-term learning and memory enhancement.

The theory is that choline facilitates the synthesis of acetylcholine in the brain and potentiates the effect of piracetam, reducing its depletion. In 1981, a scientist conducted a study by administering piracetam to a group of mice, choline to another group and both piracetam and choline to a third group. ‘

He found that the third group of mice performed significantly better in memory tasks compared to both of the other groups. Also, choline negates the side effect of headaches due to the high turnover of acetylcholine by piracetam.

The piracetam and choline stack are ideal for nootropic beginners as they are very safe and have relatively few side effects. However, if you are new to racetams, you should first take piracetam for 1 – 2 weeks before adding choline to the stack.

Noopept & choline

Despite not belonging to the racetam family, people often group Noopept and the racetams together because they work in very similar ways. Many studies have found Noopept to be 1,000 times stronger than traditional racetams. Noopept makes the human brain more receptive towards choline while the latter counters any headaches that result from Noopept’s actions. This mutually beneficial relationship is why this is such a popular stack.

Users of the Noopept and choline stack reported very few side effects in their experience logs. However, you should note that there are currently no studies of long-term effects of using these supplements in combination.

The CILTEP stack

A natural nootropic stack that stimulates long-term potentiation (LTP) for learning and memory improvement, the CILTEP stack is one of the most talked about nootropic stacks today. CILTEP contains two main ingredients, usually artichoke extract and forskolin, that increase the level of cAMP in our brain. The cAMP is a messenger system for signal communications within cells, a system crucial for enhancing neural activities.

This stack has relatively few side effects apart from some users who have reported experiencing fatigue and drowsiness. Therefore, some people add a dopamine precursor to fight against fatigue and a vitamin B complex plus a small dose of caffeine to counter drowsiness.

Nootropic stacks are a great way to achieve the results you desire with the least dosage. You can always customize your own stack by trial and error, but you should always start with low dosages and consult a medical professional.

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