The Best Focus Nootropics

Honing your Concentration-The best Focus Nootropics

In the high-paced lifestyle of the 21st century, you need constant focus, energy and alertness on your side at all times. Sexual transmutation, meditation, speed reading, and having a positive outlook on life can help to facilitate and keep up this mindset, yet for those wishing to rise towards the top of the food chain, you’ll need something else, the secret for endless focus and energy, in your back pocket, preferably with as little side effects as possible! I’ve compiled a list of the top focusing agent nootropics you can use during a high stress lifestyle, why they work, where to get them, and why you should be using them. Feel free to comment down below if you’d like to add to this, if you think I’ve missed something, or if you just want to tell me great job on the post! Focus Nootropics

More about Nootropics

L-Tyrosine– L-Tyrosine is a high ranking precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, this will help to stall adrenergic burnout and fatigue, as well as keep your spirits up on days you feel a little less peppy than usual. Use it atop stimulants to lower tolerance, and definitely use it for your post study session recovery.

Modafinil– One of the most used smart drugs today, the military has even replaced dextroamphetamine in their fighter pilots and has begun handing this out instead, largely in favor of the much diminished side effects. Modafinil is a wakefulness promoting agent that can have pretty profound effects in healthy individuals, and for improving concentration, it is hands down one of the best smart drugs you can use. It increases dopamine ever so slightly, while also improving working memory, STM to LTM recall, NGF (when used over extended periods of time), and in the cases of Washington and wall street, can be the tool in your back pocket that supercharges your career.

Armodafinil– An enhanced modafinil-simply put. Armodafinil is up to three times as strong as regular modafinil on a per milligram basis, and is significantly stronger in potency, if you’re having trouble “feeling” Modafinil’s effects, consider Armodafinil, you can definitely feel the difference, and it could make or break you with regards to your GPA and career.

Noopept-Noopept is a tricky substance until you get the hang of it, with some practice however, you will notice a few peculiar things about Noopept. For one, the lesser of a dosage you take, the better this nootropic drug works, and the other (much more difficult to figure out) is that Noopept’s effects directly correlate, and in fact amplify, whatever mood you’re in. If you are happy, excited, motivated and feeling productive, Noopept will enable and facilitate this feeling, and you will work until you face plant on the computer. If you are feeling exhausted and depressed however, you will most likely get even MORE depressed and drowsy, and Noopept will knock you out cold, it is literally up to you how Noopept’s effects make you feel.

Sunifiram– Sunifiram is a little less wishy washy, if you take Sunifiram, you WILL feel euphoric and productive, no matter what mood you are in. Only problem, while Noopept can last for up to twelve hours, and have cumulative effects that carry over into the next day, Sunifiram lasts two to three hours at best, and when it wears off, has a SLIGHT crash, (nothing like an ADHD stimulant). A better alternative is modafinil or Adrafanil, etc. Because of its longer length of time, though I recommend sunifiram because of exactly how INSANELY strong it is its motivation and overall effects are much better than modafinil.

Unifiram– A slighty stronger sunifiram with a longer duration, it is significantly more expensive (different molecule that is much harder to synthesize), though to some entrepreneurs is well worth the cost, I would recommend just continuing to redose on sunifiram, you’ll save more on money, and there is more research surrounding it.

Final thoughts

Nootropics can be the key to success for many individuals, especially if you need just that extra bump to get your career or business started, try out these nootropics, they are the best, and see how you do.

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