The Benefits Of Using Tianeptine For Anxiety

What Is Tianeptine And What Are The Main Benefits For Anxiety?

Tianeptine is a supplement that a lot of people take in order to get rid of symptoms of depression. Other people take it in order to improve their cognitive abilities. Tianeptine even has implications when it comes to healing various digestive disorders, so people are going to take it for that reason as well. This is a supplement that has enough benefits that different patients are often going to be on it for very different reasons, and they are going to manage to swear by it for different reasons. Tianeptine anxiety uses are fruitful and effective, as the drug acts as an SSRI, Tianeptine can also lower feelings of fear.

Tianeptine can help tremendously with a person’s ability to concentrate on a given task for a long period of time. It can also help people when it comes to learning and retaining information. With these characteristics coupled together, people are going to find it that much easier to learn information in general. People will find that brain fog can disappear when they start to take Tianeptine. Tianeptine is going to manage to help a lot of people when it comes to their studies or their jobs.

The cognitive benefits of Tianeptine are tied to its psychological benefits. Psychological stress can cause a lot of damage to certain parts of a person’s brain, and Tianeptine can start to heal a lot of that damage. As a result, people can start to get back a lot of what they have lost, and they can often start moving forward with their lives as a result. Tianeptine may even manage to prevent age-related cognitive decline, making it that much easier for people to retain the progress that they have made initially.


The mood-altering effects are going to happen right away for some people. For other people, they’re going to take a lot longer. Some individuals are going to find themselves in a situation where they have to take the supplement for weeks and months on end before they can really feel anything. Other people are going to start feeling a sort of emotional high right away as a result of taking Tianeptine. However, before long, the majority of people who are taking the supplement should find that it is easier for them to think clearly and to focus. They will also find that maintaining a positive mood is going to be easier for them.


The recommended dosage of Tianeptine is 12.5 mg at any time. However, people aren’t going to take 12.5 mg each and every day. They’re going to take 12.5 mg three times a day in order to really sustain the rhythm. Tianeptine has a powerful initial reaction for a lot of people, but it does not have a tendency to last for a long time. People are going to need repeated dosages in order to really sustain the effects of Tianeptine as they are using it in a given day.

Side Effects

Tianeptine has actually been used in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, which illustrates the fact that it actually has benefits for the human digestive system. However, almost anything that can affect a system in a positive way is sometimes going to manage to affect a system in a negative way, and that is the experience that a lot of people are going to get with Tianeptine.

Fortunately, the digestive effects of Tianeptine are typically very minor. Some people might experience minor constipation. Other people might experience mild stomach aches. Generally speaking, Tianeptine is going to have a much more substantial effect on a person’s energy levels. Some people becoming more energetic and some people start to experience insomnia. Other people don’t start experiencing sleep cycle interruptions, but they do find themselves feeling drowsier at different points. Otherwise, the worst things that most people are going to experience will be dry mouth and minor feelings of dizziness, which can be common for symptoms of depression anyway.

Long-Term Use

Over the long-term, people who use Tianeptine are going to find that their terrible symptoms will disappear. No one is going to be able to get results like that immediately. However, after enough time has gone by, Tianeptine should manage to help a lot of people who have problems with depression and anxiety.


The decades worth of clinical trials related to Tianeptine do indeed demonstrate that this is a supplement that can lead to a cognitive enhancement. People will be able to regenerate some of the internal nerve damage that stress has managed to cause them for all of these years. Tianeptine is able to prevent and reverse nerve damage due to its effects on stress, which helps illustrate the key to the fact that this is a supplement that manages to heal psychological and cognitive problems all at the same time.

Safety Concerns

People should always use Tianeptine as directed. The people who are trying to speed up their recovery process by taking more of the Tianeptine supplements are usually going to be wasting their time at best and causing them some manner of damage at worst.

Legal Status

People who are living in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, or Canada usually should not have a difficult time being able to order Tianeptine from almost any legitimate outlet online. It is not a prescription medication in these countries as of 2016. This situation may change since there is already a set of precedents for it in other countries. However, at least for now, the people in those aforementioned countries are not going to have a problem when it comes to getting a steady supply of Tianeptine.

Final Thoughts

Tianeptine is a supplement that can make a huge difference when it comes to a person’s quality of life. Many people are finding it hard to move forward in life or accomplish even the most basic tasks as a result of their problems with depression, and Tianeptine can make all the difference in that regard. It can give people back some of what they have lost as a result of their depression while improving their minds in the short-term and long-term.

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