The Use of Tianeptine in Canada

Using Tianeptine in Canada

Among other things, Tianeptine is an anti-depressant medication that works very differently from typical anti-depressant medications. This is a supplement that is categorized as an SSRE instead of an SSRI. Many people who have had bad luck with SSRI medications for the sake of treating anxiety and depression are going to be that much more likely to turn to a type of medication that is able to treat depression and anxiety using a very different mechanism. The Tianeptine Canada laws are very lenient, and the drug is 100% legal and available in Canada.

Many people have finally achieved the success that they have always wanted thanks to the mechanisms behind Tianeptine. Tianeptine can also work very effectively as a cognitive enhancer. As such, people are more or less going to get a whole host of mental benefits from a regimen of Tianeptine.


Some people will start to experience the mood elevation effects within an hour of taking Tianeptine. Other people will have to wait longer. Most of the important cognitive and psychological benefits won’t arrive until people have been taking Tianeptine for weeks, but they might occur sooner for some people compared to others. Everyone is very different when it comes to how Tianeptine is going to affect them.


Some people are only going to take Tianeptine for the cognitive enhancement benefits since it has a lot to offer the general public when it comes to nootropic benefits. Neuro-typical people and non-neurotypical people alike should all be able to take advantage of some of what Tianeptine has to offer. They should find that their attention spans will increase as a result of Tianeptine. Many people will find it easier to learn and keep track of what they’ve learned when they’re taking Tianeptine. People from time to time are going to experience moments where they seem to zone out, and Tianeptine can make a lot of those problems go away.

When people take SSRI’s, the increased activity of serotonin is often going to make them feel numb. SSRE supplements like Tianeptine do the exact opposite, so people will find that their moods will improve instead. People will experience elevated moods, and their feelings of depression and anxiety are going to be diminished at the same time. Tianeptine is a supplement that is going to manage to make people feel better on many different levels. The Tianeptine Canada laws are very lenient, and the drug is 100% legal and available in Canada, you can get all these miraculous benefits no matter what country you’re in!

Nervousness can cause a wide range of different problems, including ailments like irritable bowel syndrome. Tianeptine has been able to cure this condition in cases in which it was caused by psychological stress. Many other physical conditions that are rooted in psychological stress can be treated with Tianeptine.


A given dose of Tianeptine is going to be 12.5 mg. People who take Tianeptine in the pill form are going to be surprised when they see just how small the pills are for the first time, especially compared to most pills on the market. Individuals who buy Tianeptine powder in order to place it into empty pill capsules should be sure to buy some of the smallest pill capsules that they can find.

Taking Tianeptine in this manner is more effective, given the extremely foul flavor and odor that is associated with Tianeptine in powder and in liquid form. Regardless of the form or the dosage takes, patients are going to need to take Tianeptine three times a day.

Side Effects

Most of the side effects of taking Tianeptine are going to be extremely subtle. Lots of people will barely experience any side effects. Psychological medications like this can produce strange emotional effects sometimes. Some people who have taken Tianeptine have reported that they have experienced strange or vivid dreams as a result. Other people have just become drowsy, and other people might have a hard time getting to sleep.

Dry mouth, minor dizzy spells, constipation, headaches, and stomach aches may also result. Some people might notice a change in their blood pressure, but it should not be a severe one unless they’re not taking the proper Tianeptine dosage.

Long-Term Use

The cognitive and psychological benefits associated with Tianeptine are going to need to take some time to take shape. Usually, people are not going to have to cope with any long-term side effects as long as they take Tianeptine as directed. Other than that, long-term use is only going to make Tianeptine that much more effective.

Research on Tianeptine in Canada

In actuality, research into Tianeptine goes back to the 1960s when it was first synthesized in France. As such, generations of patients have now been able to benefit from everything that Tianeptine has to offer. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the psychological and cognitive benefits of Tianeptine are present.

Safety Concerns

People should always be careful to take supplements in their recommended dosage, or there are going to be some dangers involved. Tianeptine is no exception. Some people with blood pressure problems may experience more severe drops in their blood pressure as a result of their Tianeptine regimens. However, as long as people are able to take the recommended doses, Tianeptine should not present a danger for most people.

Canadian Laws and Regulations

Tianeptine is widely available online, but it will be harder to obtain in certain countries than others. Many European countries and Asian countries are going to make it harder to order Tianeptine online since this is a supplement that is only available through a prescription there. Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand are a different story. People should be able to order Tianeptine online from any of these locations.

Final Thoughts

Tianeptine is a supplement that can help people with lots of different psychological problems. People’s psychology is going to affect the rest of them in ways that are not always going to be immediately obvious. However, after a solid regimen of Tianeptine, many people are going to find that they will feel better in more ways than one. Their thinking will improve, and their ability to emotionally adapt to many aspects of their lives will improve at the same time. Tianeptine is a supplement that can help people on many levels. Tianeptine Canada laws have the drug as an entirely legal nootropic drug, and it is a fantastic, and potent one at that!

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