Tianeptine Euphoria

What Is Tianeptine and Can It Cause Euphoria?

Tianeptine euphoria is actually a very common phenomenon that occurs even at regular dosages. Tianeptine runs on the Serotonin receptors of the human brain, and as such has many powerful mood-boosting effects. Tianeptine is often times used by people looking for a kind of nootropic “high” and while its intended use is mainly for energy and mood-boosting, this is a huge percentage of what its users are looking for. Tianeptine can absolutely provide a subtle yet powerful euphoria even when taken at low dosages.

Tianeptine is actually a very tested, well researched and water-soluble nootropic drug. Tianeptine is a mood booster and nootropic smart drug that is often times stacked with a plethora of other nootropics, including things like Piracetam and Alpha GPC Choline. Tianeptine is actually very comparable to Phenibut in overall effects.


When one takes a nootropic compound and has effects that border right on the line of euphoria, it’s going to have a number of effects that help to boost brain power and overall cognition.


Typical dosages of Tianeptine range from 12.5mg to 25 milligrams per day. Anything higher than this and you are putting yourself at somewhat of an increased risk of addiction, withdrawal, increased side effects and trouble sleeping if you don’t take the nootropic. If you are able to take this drug infrequently, however, and at a normal prescribed amount in low dosages, you should be absolutely fine, and will actually derive great benefits from the nootropic.

Side Effects

Tianeptine, with all of its great benefits with regards to the type of euphoria that it can provide in its users, obviously comes with its share of downsides (and so does pretty much any drug that works on the market today.) These side effects can include

  • Trouble sleeping
  • A headache
  • Dehydration
  • Increased or decreased hunger
  • Potential for tolerance
  • These effects may or may not occur with your specific use of the nootropic, always keep the dose low to potentially mitigate these side effects.

Effects of Tianeptine Euphoria

A Tianeptine euphoria and its effects are going to consist of

  • A gentle relaxation that helps to lower stress levels and therefore increase brain function
  • A calming feeling
  • A feeling of overall well being

If you’ve ever felt euphoric off of alcohol or have taken some Phenibut…yeah..it’s a little bit like that.

Long-Term Use

Not recommended, short-term is better as tolerance won’t develop and you won’t get withdrawal symptoms.

Risk of Addiction

This nootropic actually has a very high risk of addiction, higher than any other nootropic by far. The only thing that may compare to it is something like Phenibut, as it has a very similar feeling, as well as, a mechanism of action with regards to how it affects the human brain.


Again…really not recommended, definitely stick to low doses on this nootropic as it can be quite powerful if you take too much.

Sublingual Use

Not recommended. It may help to make it a little bit stronger, as with nearly all nootropics, however more scientific research is needed to fully back up this claim. Tianeptine sublingual use is something that is very commonly Googled and something that you’ll find loads of information about on the popular nootropics forums.

Legal Status

Tianeptine is 100% legal to purchase and import online in the United States. In the UK I believe that it is a bit more difficult after their series of laws passed to help control basically any and all substances.

Final Thoughts

My personal review is that the euphoric effects of Tianeptine are really quite good and that Tianeptine is a fantastic drug overall for short-term use.

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