How To Treat A Tianeptine Headache

What is the Tianeptine Headache, and Why does it Occur?

Tianeptine is a supplement that is often taken for its various nootropic and psychological benefits. This is a supplement that is often recommended for sufferers of depression. Some people are going to take it for the cognitive and the psychological benefits, taking advantage of the drug’s sheer versatility.


Some people are going to start to experience the effects of Tianeptine right away. They should find themselves getting an emotional high off of the effects of Tianeptine quickly. For other people, the buzz is going to come later. One way or another, people are going to need to wait longer than that in order to really conquer their depression and experience clearer thought patterns. However, some people will at least get some rewards from Tianeptine right away.


Many of the benefits of Tianeptine are psychological. Plenty of people specifically take this drug in order to alleviate their feelings of psychological or clinical depression. The nootropic benefits that they will get from Tianeptine may be secondary to these individuals in the face of the overwhelming symptoms of depression that they have developed.

However, the nootropic benefits of Tianeptine can also make a huge difference when it comes to counteracting some of the other problems that are associated with depression as well. Many people who are depressed have a difficult time concentrating and suffer from enhanced periods of brain fog. Tianeptine can improve a person’s ability to concentrate, while also making brain fog go away. As the symptoms of depression go away, Tianeptine may also be able to get a person to the point where his or her concentration is better than it was even before the depression began.

Recommended Dosage

People are usually going to take 12.5 mg of Tianeptine at any given time. Typically, people will take this dosage around three times per day in order to really get the full effects for themselves. This is a supplement that manages to work well at micro dosage levels, and that is how Tianeptine will work for most patients. Tianeptine headaches are mild if they ever occur, and you can stop them by lowering your dosage.

The half-life of Tianeptine is very short. People are usually only going to be able to enjoy the effects of Tianeptine for around two hours. As such, keeping to a consistent schedule of Tianeptine is going to be that much more important for the people who are taking it.

Side Effects

While some people might not really consider this a side effect, it is important to remember that Tianeptine has an overwhelmingly bitter flavor. Some people have a hard time taking it in the liquid form or the powder form as a result, and they’re only going to be able to take the pill form if possible. The bad flavoring isn’t going to be dangerous for anyone, but it does tend to make taking Tianeptine significantly more difficult.

Otherwise, the side effects that are associated with Tianeptine are going to be more or less the same as the side effects that people are going to associate with nearly all other supplements of this nature. People are sometimes going to experience dry mouth, insomnia, feelings of drowsiness, constipation, and low blood pressure. For people who have feelings of high blood pressure, which can be common for sufferers of depression, some of these side effects may not even prove to be much of a problem. Individuals who have digestive problems as a result of their depression may find that Tianeptine makes them worse. However, overall, people are going to find that Tianeptine will be worth it for them.

Long-Term Use

Tianeptine may be able to completely get rid of a person’s depression by a certain point in time. Many people are going to have to take the supplement for months in order to really be able to enjoy the full effects. Tianeptine is not a supplement that is going to work overnight. As long as people manage to use the supplement as directed, they should not manage to experience any severe long-term effects from their Tianeptine regimens. Long-term use can exasperate the Tianeptine headache, so be sure to keep the dose low if you’re looking at a long-term regimen, otherwise, withdrawal can (and….will…) occur!


While many people in the English-speaking world are going to think of Tianeptine as a recent drug, this is a supplement that actually manages to go back further than that. Tianeptine is a product of the French Society of Medical Research, and it was developed as far back as the 1960s.

Since the research on Tianeptine goes back a long way, people can usually trust that this is going to be a supplement that is safe to take. Its psychological and cognitive benefits have certainly been well-established by this point in time.

Legal Status

People who are living in most Asian and European countries are going to need a prescription for the sake of taking Tianeptine. The supplement has been available for longer in those countries, and many European countries have more strict guidelines when it comes to the supplements that can be taken there.

However, people who are living in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia are going to be able to purchase Tianeptine over the counter, and they’re usually going to be able to get everything that they need online.

Safety Concerns

People who use Tianeptine as directed are not going to find themselves running into too many problems. These individuals should still watch themselves in order to make sure that they’re not experiencing any negative side effects, but overall, Tianeptine is safe to take.

Final Thoughts

Tianeptine is a supplement that has been managing to help people with all sorts of different problems for decades now. They can solve many problems in their lives as a result of solving the problems that all start in their heads, whether these are cognitive problems, psychological problems, or both. Tianeptine is a supplement that is not going to manage to carry any major side effects, and yet people are going to be able to benefit from the supplement effectively. It is a supplement that carries very high rewards and minimal risks, which will make all the difference for patients everywhere. The Tianeptine headache can be beaten by lowering the dosage, so always be sure to keep the dose low when taking this supplement.

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