How Does Tianeptine Affect The Memory?

Tianeptine’s Effect on Memory

Tianeptine is a mood stabilizing drug, effective in relieving depression and anxiety. It is basically a drug meant to treat clinical depression. At times, it’s used for the treatment of asthma or irritable bowel syndrome. When used to treat clinical depression, the drug acts upon glutamate mechanism, making the brain to respond positively to depression and stress.

Tianeptine is mostly used in the treatment of depression because it exhibits fewer side effects unlike its counterparts, Fluoxetine and Amitriptyline. It exhibits anti-anxiety properties, hence effective in the treatment of panic disorders. Additionally, the drug provides patients with depression worth neuro-protective properties vital in improvising their mental stability.

Being a supplement, its effects only last for a few hours. It is for this reason why most psychologists recommend that the drug is taken three times a day. However, its effects are dramatic leading to euphoria, immediate relaxation and reduced anxiety in patients. Tianeptine memory effects work by increasing the stores of certain neurotransmitters to the brain.

Benefits of Tianeptine on Memory

Tianeptine is a type of tricyclic anti-depressant. People with high levels of depression, caused by work overload or lack of support from colleagues certainly use this drug for its cognitive benefits. It’s used in containing a high level of stress, the drug also improves brain memory and cognition. This drug has great effects on the behavior of extracellular regions, namely; the brain, neutrons’ pathways and nerves. Dopamine, a chemical agent in the drug is vital in modulating the receptors in the brain. Tianeptine memory benefits are extremely potent, and because of the incredible mood boost that the drug can give you, Tianeptine’s psychological and cognitive benefits include;

  • Reduction and treatment of anxiety disorders and chronic cases of clinical depression.
  • It’s a mood stabilizer vital in relieving stress and sadness.
  • It aids in reducing cases of cerebral aging, advanced Alzheimer’s among other neuron-degenerative illnesses.
  • Treats social anxiety, eating, obsessive and compulsive disorders.
  • It releases a Serotonin agent vital in neurotransmission in the brain leading to a mood-boosting effect in the long run.
  • It improves one’s memory, hence, leading to retention of short term memory and brain alertness. This leads to quicker and better learning abilities while improving one’s reflexes and reaction time.

This drug makes less severe symptoms of anxiety and depression. This makes it easier for them to enjoy their lives.

Recommended Dosage of Tianeptine for Best Memory Benefits

This drug is taken in micro-trace quantities. It is recommended that patients take 12.5 mg of the drug at a time. The drug can also be taken in powder form, unlike the normal tablets widely available in different drug stores. There are different doses of this drug depending on how a patient is likely to react to its different side effects.

Patients are required to take 12.5 mg of this drug, twice or thrice in a day. However, those taking the drug for its psychological benefits are required to maintain a steady dose of three times per day. This is because psychological problems take long periods of time to completely disappear since the drug needs to alter a patient’s brain structure in order to completely get over this problem. In addition, the patient needs to be persistent in taking this drug three times a day. Tianeptine memory benefits are best realized if a ritual dosage is taken of around 12-24 mg per day.

Side Effects

There are several side effects stemming from the use of Tianeptine. Although in rare cases, this drug could bring about cognitive fatigue. This is a short term effect on the brain that leads to impairment of the user’s thought process. But advanced cases, cognitive fatigue reduces one’s brain alertness, mental clarity, and creativity characterized by the absence of insightful ideas in patients.

The drug is also said to bring about cardiovascular complications and digestive problems such as constipation. It is also said to be a contributor to liver damage through hepatoxicity, but little research has been conducted on patients to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt.

The drug is said to bring about potential addiction to patients. This makes the drug vulnerable to abuse and lack of this drug in the human body system may lead to severe cases of withdrawal symptoms, according to Servier SA.

Long Term Use

There are no scientific proofs of the long term effects of this drug’s long term use. However, this drug is a supplement that has shown positive signs of curing some psychological disorders and it promises to cure other brain disorders after the ongoing extensive research is completed on the drug.


The drug has gained popularity all over the world although it is widely used in France, where it was first developed by the French Society of Medical Research in 1960. Dr. Fuad Lechin of the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas found this drug effective for asthma treatment in August 1998. A study found that the drug demonstrated its effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction and depression in men, in 2005.

Currently, researchers are investigating the drug’s effectiveness in treating Alzheimer’s disease and cerebral aging, thanks to the drugs chemical structure. This may lead to better treatment of these diseases someday.

Legal Status

The drug is only available to patients only on prescription. It is manufactured and marketed by Laboratories Servier SA. It’s sold under the brand names Tatinol, Stablon, and Coaxil in Asia, Latin America and parts of Europe. Additionally, the drug is available on the websites of many nootropic stores.

Safety Concerns

Avoid overusing this supplement as it causes mild addiction in the first place. Taking too much of it leads to low blood pressure. Additionally, digestive problems are likely to be on the rise if the drug is taken in high doses. It’s safe to stay within the supplements’ prescription in order to enjoy its effectiveness in combating cognitive disorders.

Final Thoughts

The effectiveness of this drug on reducing cases of depression, anxiety and stress in patients have been proven beyond doubt. In addition, the supplement has significant benefits to a special group of persons that are likely to get depressed in the long run, for example, the elderly and those battling chronic alcoholism. However, despite the drug being widely used for its cognitive benefits such as improving a patient’s overall mood, it’s still not easy to prove how effective the drug can be to a specific individual. It’s therefore vital to trace a patient’s own needs, present mood, lifestyle choices, and cognitive ability. Patients also need to stick to the supplement’s prescription in order to significantly reduce the harmful side effects. Tianeptine’s benefits on one’s memory are very potent if taken infrequently, and if kept to a low dosage.


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