A Brief Overview Of Tianeptine Use For Customers

What is Tianeptine?

Tianeptine is a nootropic supplement that has multiple cognitive and psychological benefits. Many people take Tianeptine because it is a nootropic that will manage to reduce their symptoms of depression and anxiety even as it offers them a whole host of cognitive benefits. Tianeptine is one of the more well-rounded supplements that people are going to be able to access.


Tianeptine is a supplement that is going to take some time to work, and the effects only tend to last for a few hours, which is why it is so important for people to take Tianeptine regularly throughout the day. However, people are usually going to know immediately when the supplement is working, since the effects have a tendency to be so dramatic. Tianeptine reviews typically boast in high favor about the amazing qualities of Tianeptine, such as euphoria, diminished anxiety, relaxation, and a general overall sense of well-being.


Tianeptine has many positive cognitive benefits when it comes to learning and memory. Many people have reported that they were able to remember and retain what they learned far more efficiently when they were on Tianeptine. Many other people reported that they were better able to absorb information in the first place.

Of course, lots of people are taking Tianeptine for the psychological benefits, which certainly relate to the cognitive benefits. People who are depressed and anxious have a difficult time doing practical and useful cognitive work in the first place since their minds are usually clouded by anxious thoughts or they lack the energy to do intellectual work as a result of depression. Tianeptine can help people alleviate their symptoms of depression and anxiety, thus making it that much easier for them to think and to enjoy their lives with and without their new cognitive benefits.

Recommended Dosage

Tianeptine is a supplement that people are going to need to take in micro-trace quantities. Patients need to take around 12.5 mg at a time. People who are taking the powder form of Tianeptine may have a difficult time finding a measuring device that is small enough. It should be noted that 12.5 mg of powder would fill the surface area of one-quarter of a penny, which should illustrate how small it is. Dosages vary from person to person.

Patients will usually need to take 12.5 mg of Tianeptine twice a day or three times a day in order to experience the full range of the effects. People who are taking Tianeptine for its psychological benefits are especially encouraged to stay at a pace of three doses every day. Psychological problems can take a long time to disappear, and taking chemicals in order to alter one’s brain structure is one of the potential solutions to psychological problems. These sorts of alterations are going to take time, and they need to be persistent. My Tianeptine review with regards to the dosage of the drug is that when taken in low doses, on an infrequent basis, it is a fantastic cognitive enhancer.

Side Effects

While this isn’t precisely a side effect, many people have complained about the extremely foul taste of Tianeptine. The powder form and the liquid form both have extremely strong and bitter flavors, which can make it very difficult for people to use them on a regular basis. The flavoring is not a source of toxicity in its own right, but many people might feel that way when they start using Tianeptine.

Other than that, the people who take Tianeptine shouldn’t experience anything worse than many of the milder symptoms associated with supplements. Dry mouth is a common side effect of Tianeptine. Other people experience feelings of fatigue and drowsiness. Some people experience constipation and slight decreases in blood pressure. However, the people who take the recommended dosages should not find themselves succumbing to severe side effects. My personal Tianeptine Review is that the drug is fantastic for short-term use.

Long-Term Use

Tianeptine is still a relatively new nootropic, and so people aren’t precisely sure what is going to happen to the individuals who take Tianeptine over the long-term. Modern research is trying to address those concerns at present. However, it is possible that the people who do take Tianeptine over the long-term will more or less cure themselves of their depression and anxiety, as well as the related illnesses. It is also possible that the people who take Tianeptine over the long-term will alleviate some of the age-related cognitive declines that they may have otherwise experienced. Tianeptine is a supplement with potential.

Safety Concerns

It is always important to avoid overusing all supplements and taking them outside of the recommended dosage. Tianeptine is a supplement that is supposed to be taken in very small amounts, making the consequences of taking large amounts of Tianeptine that much more substantial. A customer Tianeptine review (and scores of them at that) is the best way to determine whether or not Tianeptine is dangerous. While it has some mild addictive potential, it is overall a very safe and effective nootropic drug.

Tianeptine can potentially cause low blood pressure, which is going to be more pronounced in the people who take too much of it. Its digestive consequences can magnify for the people who take ultra-high doses of Tianeptine as well. People who take the recommended dosage of Tianeptine should be fine, but it is important to remember that the recommended dosage is small for a reason.


There have been numerous studies in recent years relating to the potential psychological benefits of taking Tianeptine. Many researchers are trying to assess whether or not it can be used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, and social anxiety disorders. The research shows that indeed, Tianeptine may have implications for specific anxiety disorders as opposed to just the generalized anxiety that many people will feel.

Other researchers are trying to ascertain whether or not Tianeptine may help researchers in developing a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral aging. It is possible that Tianeptine may help counteract the development of all of those conditions, and it is also possible that the chemical structure of Tianeptine may hold some of the keys towards developing better treatments one day.

Online Reviews of Tianeptine

Tianeptine has overall received plenty of positive reviews. Many people have reported that although it takes some time to work, they found that their depression and anxiety started to go away as a result of taking Tianeptine. Other people actually found that they received something of an emotional high at first, making it that much easier to maintain a regimen of Tianeptine. People reported that the cognitive enhancement benefits of Tianeptine were just as real, and learning and memorizing information became significantly easier while on Tianeptine.


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