How Potent Is Tianeptine?

What is Tianeptine?

Tianeptine is considered to be a water-soluble nootropic. Many drugs of this nature are tested. This drug is considered to be in the category of smart drugs.

It is a drug that is very low risk and does not appear to be a threat when taken with other drugs. The dosage of this drug can be taken in small amounts. The serotonin levels in the brain are controlled and balanced when used. When the serotonin levels are out of balance; this drug assists with an enhancement effect. When this occurs the unbalanced levels will come calm and normal again.

Tianeptine is a drug is designed to provide a neurochemical ability. It assists with the increase in the serotonin levels that are in the brain. This drug has a similar pharmacological design. It helps in the decrease of neuronal activity. The drug has not considered being a stimulating or sedative drug. It is not able to be purchased as an over the counter pharmaceutical in many countries.

The countries that do not allow this drug to be distributed pharmaceutically are the United Kingdom and Norway, though we do ship to these countries as instead of being illegal, it is a “legal grey area.” It was constructed and marketed by Servier, a French company, in the 1980s. The manufacturers who discovered the drug in 1960 were Antoine Deslandes and Michael Spedding. Tianeptine was created as a neuroprotection drug that would help damage to the brain and receptors. It is available in other South American Countries under a different name. The names that are also known as are Coaxil and Stablon.


There are many benefits to the use of Tianeptine. The uses have helped in the fields of psychological medicine, and therapeutic medicine. When the drug is taken; it will increase the functioning of the brain. It can give increased progression to people who have suffered conditions that have affected the brain. The drug has little to no side effects when taken. The outcome that this drug offers has proven to be useful in a positive way.


The drug comes in a capsule form. The recommended quantity is 12-36 mg each day. Each individual dose that is taken has 12-mg each. It can be taken three times a day. Once in the morning, afternoon and evening time will work best. It can be purchased in three different forms; capsule, powder, and tablet.

Side Effects

The drug Tianeptine has a wide array of side effects if it is abused. Tianeptine is a truly great and effective nootropic but should be taken sparingly ONLY for best results. Seriously…you take this long-term, and you risk addiction. Side effects of Tianeptine include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms that resemble these symptoms if taken for too long without breaks,
  • Headaches,
  • Tiredness,
  • Loss of Appetite, and
  • Noticeable Increase or Decrease in sex drive.

Long-Term Use

Long term use of Tianeptine has been studied to determine the effects. The study was conducted because of the type of drug this is. This drug is a tricyclic compound and is expected to increase the serotonin in the brain.

Put quite simply, this drug is something like a combination of Serotonin and endorphin-like compounds, and if it is taken over the long-term, a dangerous addiction can occur. Tianeptine can be taken sparingly with hardly any dangers, dance with the devil a little too long, however, and addiction and withdrawal will ensue.


It is not recommended to take Tianeptine more than the general recommended amounts on many forums of 12-24 -mg at one time, and only sparingly at that. Taking too much of the drug can cause negative side effects that may not normally occur. The drug is not intended to be abused and taken in large quantities. Megadosing is not something that should ever be done.

Due to the low dosage, it is unlikely to have a prolonged harmful effect if the drug is taken in large doses if it is only done once in a blue moon. If someone feels that they need to take more to obtain the normal effects; then they should consult a pharmaceutical expert or health care provider.


This drug will have a calming effect when taken. It can cause a mild feeling of being high, or of sedation, if this occurs, you may have taken too high a dosage. People who have taken this drug have experienced a feeling of normalcy. Typically, it will not cause users to feel drowsy or lethargic. It does not have any effect on the central nervous system. A person may experience a feeling of energy and well-being when taking the drug.

Tianeptine does have potential addictive effects. The low dose of the drug has little effect on addiction or the potential to cause this problem. There is no need to take excessive amounts of the drug. It is not intended for abuse or to be taken in high quantities.

Individuals have experienced effects of the drug when taken at higher doses. Doses of 50-mg or higher have experienced euphoria. This has been reported in people who choose to misuse the drug. They have experienced these feelings of euphoria when taking it as a recreational drug. It is not intended to be taken as a recreational drug and it is not intended to be taken in high doses. The feeling that they have explained is close to the feeling of many other nootropics that act on GABA.

The euphoric feeling can last up to several hours after taking it. This would mimic the therapeutic use of the drug and not be recommended for use if not prescribed. IT should not be abused in this manner as it could be harmful. Individuals who take it as a recreational drug may find themselves wanting more because of the feeling they are receiving while on it.

It is not considered to be addictive in a drug format but can be additive to the person looking for the euphoric feeling and experience.

Effects on GABA

It did not have substantial effects on GABA but did have effects on the amount of recovery time that took. That is the only impact or effect that this drug had regarding GABA. It is not considered to be a danger or a threat to the effects of GABA.

Effects on Serotonin

The effects of Serotonin are that it is used as an enhancer. It stabilized the serotonin levels in the brain and balances them out. This will keep the levels working properly and calms the functions to a normal state. The effects it has is a positive impact when used as prescribed. If used when not prescribed it can have a different effect because it is being abused. The serotonin in the brain will help with the functioning of the activities in the brain and calm them down when they are not leveled or unbalanced. It is an SSRE nootropic.

Online Reviews

In online reviews, there were similar outcomes for this experiment. People were given a quantity of 40-50 mg to take four to five times a day. They took the drug and found they did not have any ill feelings of overwhelming. At night many people had experienced the vivid dreams that would occur. Some people had felt more tired and out of it during the first week of use.

As the weeks continued and it was in their system they were able to continue their everyday routine. It was understood the feeling of euphoria as people continued the dosage in a higher quantity that they were given. It was a positive experience for many of the people who were experimenting with the test. There was a positive outcome involving the serotonin levels being balanced and that the brain was able to keep focus even during busy situations.

People who had completed this experiment had a good interaction with the drug and would recommend it to others who may need it. The reviews were similar as far as the feelings of the drug during the weeks of the experiment and the final conclusion of the results of the drug at the end of the experiment.

The reviews of people who have taken this drug have had a positive outlook. Many people have liked the effects and that it did not cause any problems with their normal daily activities. The reviews were more positive than negative because the drug is not likely to be addicting and can be taken with other drugs in that category if it is taken in low amounts.


The research that was conducted on the drug had determined the euphoria effects could have been caused by the dopamine receptors. The medical research has proven it to have a progressive drug that enhances the serotonin levels and has helped increase the brain functioning ability.

Comparison of Tianeptine with Phenibut

Tianeptine does not typically have a problem with tolerance built up or addiction. People who have used both drugs think that Phenibut should not be used regularly. It has a more likelihood of becoming addicted and increasing a higher tolerance for use. People have defined Phenibut to only be used a couple times a month because of the problem with high tolerance and addiction.

Tianeptine is recommended more than Phenibut because it is not addicting and does not have a high tolerance problem. Tianeptine can also be taken daily and works well without any side effects or long term effects. Phenibut should not be taken daily because of the addicting and tolerance that occurs with this drug. Tianeptine has a better feeling when taking it than the other drug and has a better outcome. Tianeptine seems to be more liked and recommended than Phenibut because of the differences in feeling effectiveness and tolerance.

Safety Concerns

Tianeptine is a safe drug to use. Experiments and tests have been conducted on the drug to ensure the effects and safety of it. There has not been any type of harmful effects or non-safe instances that would make it be not considered safe. The drug works well for what it is prescribed for. The only safety concern would be people abusing the drug and its dosing. This would not occur if it was taken as it was recommended in this blog post and on the forums. Always do your own research.

The drug has been used by many people and there is no reason for concern. It is not a high dosed drug and therefore, has little addiction issues or concerns. People can take the drug with other drugs in its class and have no risks or concerns. People who use the drug do not have any concerns or side effects as they have with other drugs they have tried.


The dangers of Tianeptine are very minimal. The reason this drug can be considered dangerous is that fact that people do not take it properly. They are using it as a recreational purpose to obtain the euphoric high or feeling that can occur. People are taking this drug and mixing it with illegal drugs and alcohol to obtain a certain type of high.

When the drug is taken properly, it does not show any type of danger. If the drug is abused, it can cause negative effects that normally would not occur. It is never recommending to take the drug with alcohol or illegal drugs. People who do this or take it in high dosage to reach a high sensation could see dangerous signs. The danger may not come from Tianeptine but could be a result in mixing the drug with alcohol and illegal drugs.

Can This Get You High?

This drug is used to get people high. They like the feeling of euphoria and have taken it with other drugs to see the effects. It is not intended for that purpose. People have taken it with alcohol and in high dosages. The individuals who have done this; do so for the feeling they get. They continue to do so to keep having that feeling. The more they take the more they are likely to have withdrawn from it because it is not supposed to be taken at high doses. This is dangerous and should not be attempted.

It is being used more commonly for recreational use and the drug is being abused. People are having negative effects from it because of the misuse of the drug. People who use it to get high will have a lasting feeling of about two hours or so. People will continue to increase the dose to achieve a more substantial high than they had before.

Why Alcohol Shouldn’t Be Mixed With This

Alcohol should not be taken with Tianeptine because it can cause damage to the health of the person doing it. It is not recommended because of the side effects that could occur. It could have long term effects on the body, and the brain if taken with alcohol. It was not recommended for this type of use. It should not be mixed with alcohol and should not be taken with illegal drugs.


There have been minimal cases with withdrawing from Tianeptine. People who have had a problem with withdrawal had taken the drug in excess to what it was prescribed. Or they were taken off the drug and still needed it. This would not be considered a withdraw issue based on the drug itself but effects of being removed off of it too early.

Withdrawing from the drug of people who abused it would be due to the misuse of the drug and not the drug itself if used properly. They may experience a feeling of wanting that feeling they had when on the drug. The does are given in small amounts and there is not much ability to become addicted or withdraw from it if taken at normal dosages each day.

Legal Status

It is prescription legal in other countries in South America. It is not regulated in the United States. The reason was that there was not much known about it and there was little enthusiasm for it. Other countries that allow the drug it is legal as a prescription.


Tianeptine is a powerful and very popular SSRE nootropic drug and is used to boost energy and mood, and for recreational use in some individuals. One of the most popular nootropics, I’d recommend Phenibut as an alternative as it is stronger, less-addictive, and much easier to get your hands on. Comment down below with any questions, and don’t forget to subscribe for 10% off and a free sample of nootropics!


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