What are the Top Mood Boosting nootropics for Optimum Cognition?

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Top Mood Boosting nootropics for Optimum Cognition 

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1. Phenibut– A nootropic with somewhat of uncanny side effects if used on too frequent of a basis, phenibut contains analglesic properties and is similar to opiates in a small dosage (although not nearly as dangerous or addictive). It is very effective for boosting mood and its effects are similar to ingesting a hearty dosage of piracetam mixed with the mood uplift and anxiety block of a low dose of codeine. Be careful with this nootropic mood booster however and be sure to do your research. Some reports on Phenibut on forums claim users have gone through a withdrawal, in high dosages and with chronic use, that has hindered their sleep for a while at a time, some for as far as 8 days in a row! Please be careful with this nootropic, as it is very powerful but dangerous if used incorrectly, I recommend using any of the bottom five before experimenting with this one if you do choose to experiment.2. Sulbutiamine- My top recommended nootropic (almost akin to that of Phenibut only with a more stimulating type effect), its anxiolytic and mood boosting effects have been described as similar to that of MDMA only without all the manic amphetamine-like craziness and heart palipitations that can come with MDMA.

It acts fairly heavily on the D1 and D2 receptors in the prefrontal cortex of the brain while also having a surprising effect on seratonin. In this case however it is weaker than MDMA’s mood boost in that rather than having a seratonin “dump” like MDMA can have, it simply blocks the reuptake of seratonin in the brain, therefore not causing any real receptor downregulation after its intended usage.

2. PicamilonA dieteary nootropic supplement and prodrug of the neurotransmitter GABA, Picamilon displays effects similar (yet slightly weaker) than Phenibut, and is slightly cheaper in the long run. Picamilon is great for mood and general cognition enhancement, and is a great addiction to top off any nootropic stack. optimum cognition

3. Noopept– Noopept is thought of as a nootropic drug that effects “total well being.” With its visual effects and fairly strong influence on motivation and drive due to its dopamine and seratonin reactions, noopept is a favorite for many, and it can permanently increase mood due to its NGF lengthening properties, permanently improving your overall mood, cognitive functioning, levels of neurotransmitters, etc. The true genius drug, any habits made on this will surely stick with you for life, and with the exception of the newer, much less known nootropics, noopept has the absolute best long term effects for enhancing the human brain.

4. Phenylpiracetam– The strongest isomer of piracetam in existence, because of how stimulating of a nootropic it is, Phenylpiracetam can be added to any nootropic stack in order to completely enhance and stimulate it in the long run. Try stacking it with noopept or adrafanil for a real boost!

5. Inositol– A nootropic that reduces anxiety and depression to a great degree. Inositol reacts heavily on the GABA receptors in the brain, reducing anxiety and improving clarity of thought when taken in low doses. Try adding it in the next time you take a “wakefulness promoting agent” like adrafanil, modafinil, nuvigil, etc. Similar to the Vitamin B group and promotes a great feeling of calmness, can improve sleep patterns (see future post on it in the sleep hacks tab.”

Final Thoughts
Using mood boosting nootropics alone will give you okay cognition effects at best, but where they really shine is when they are stacked with the stimulant type nootropics drugs, stacked with caffeine or nicotine, and/or used with the ampakine nootropics. They’ll give you the euphoria you often crave in a smart drug and help you to supercharge your life!

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