Top Ten Nootropics Available in 2014

Top Ten Nootropics 

The best smart drugs for cognitive enhacement, studying and iq honing are now available directly on this website. The demand for nootropics is increasing beyond what was ever expected, as students and entrepreneurs look for something to help them gain that edge everyone so desperately need. Due to improvements in neuroscience, biochemistry and good blogging, an internet market now swarms with hundreds of different nootropic compounds, with tens of millions of words of content surrounding what each of these nootropics are, and what they do. But what is the real truth? Which of these smart drugs actually works as good as say…
Adderall, and which is more your equivalent of a modern day snake oil (bogus supplement that does nothing). So, here’s my top ten smart drugs for both long and short term use, these are all legal and classified as nootropics.

More about Nootropics

  1. Noopept-Noopept is a little like Sunifiram, but it comes with more side effects like drowsiness and depression and is extremely mood dependent, ie it feeds off whatever mood you’re already in. While not much of the nootropic literature available explains this thoroughly or even mentions it, the mood you are currently in should determine whether or not you take Noopept. Tired and depressed? Noopept will facilitate this and make you even MORE depressed. If you’re happy and in a great mood, full of energy and productive anyways, Noopept will facilitate this also and throw you into a state of near mania. Be sure you are in a good mood if you take Noopept, otherwise you could find yourself oversleeping and extremely depressed, use it wisely however, and Noopept will last all day
  2.  Adrafanil-Adrafanil is an afinil type nootropic and is the only legal form of Modafinil. A modafinil pro-drug, it metabolizes to Modafinil in your liver, and gives near the exact same effects. Adrafanil is the best stimulating nootropic for a long day’s work, general cognitive improvement, or to feel like you’ve taken an Adderall without the hellish crash the next day, improves alertness, working memory and focus.
  3. Phenylpiracetam– Phenylpiracetam is one of the most peculiar and stimulating nootropics currently available, it has effects very similar to stacking Adderall and piracetam. Due to its added Phenyl group, it influences dopamine receptors in the brain, and therefore carries much the same effect. It also targets memory, focus and overall brain health, phenylpiraceatm is bar none one of my favorite nootropics for these reasons, it is available in 90 capsules as well as a cheaper sampler pack version.
  4. Pramiracetam-The strongest original racetam, the reason it makes this list is for its extreme cumulative effects relative to how powerful it is (30 times as strong as piracetam, and its effects grow the longer you take it). Give this a go if you need something that is good for both long and short term.
  5. Oxiracetam-A very speedy racetam, good for study stacks and for days you absolutely need to be productive. Mild euphoria, good memory boost, and you feel really, really good while taking it. Also has cumulative effects because it is a racetam.
  6. Aniracetam-Aniracetam is a good stacking racetam, in that it lowers anxiety while improving focus and memory. Great for stacking with stimulants like caffeine or amphetamines to take the edge off when studying, yet also good as a long term supplement.
  7. Galantamine-Great for inducing lucid dreams, and for its main purpose in inducing learning, the unprecedented clarity of thought that it gives. Galantamine is a rather expensive supplement type nootropic, but for the long term is the absolute best in light of improving fluidity of thinking in the human brain.
  8. Piracetam-The original racetam and the original, grandfather of nootropics, piracetam has been shown in thousands of research studies to be extremely safe and to improve memory and focus in the human brain long term.Just six weeks after administration of piracetam, overall cognitive functioning was improved to a significant degree, and iq scores shot up by several points. Piracetm is great for stacks and for beginners just diving into the world of nootropics.
  9. DMAE– An amino acid nootropic compound that bears resemblance to a stronger type of L-Tyrosine. DMAE is a naturally occurring non essential amino acid in the body that increases dopamine and norepinephrine levels, and does so to a significant degree, great for stackkng with oxiracetam or pramiracetam to give the feeling of a stimulant.


Final Thoughts

What’s your favorite nootropic? Comment down below and I’ll give my own personal opinions of why Noopept is the absolute best and strongest for both short term and long. Comment!

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