Top Seven Most Powerful Smart Drugs

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Top Seven Most Powerful Smart Drugs

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What are the top most useful and powerful smart drugs? It is a question many nootropic connoiseur’s have been asking for decades in the search for finding the most effective, safest, most potent, and easiest ways to increase brain power, mental energy and fluidity, and overall semantic intelligence. These seven smart drugs listed are the most powerful substances known to man for the brain, and I use the term “smart drugs” here loosely, referring to stimulants and powerful experimental nootropics as well.

7. Cerebrolysin-Cerebrolysin may just be the most powerful smart drug to ever be synthesized, mainly because its only route of administration in which it actually works is through intramuscular injection. Cerebrolysin, a smart drug derivative or piracetam that has been calculated as up to 100,000 times as powerful, is a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned for future posts as I’ll be attempting a 5 day cycle with this extreme nootropic, and will be logging the benefits and downsides every step of the way. Save your breath on this one..impossible to get your hands on.

6. Desmopressin-Desmopressin is another extreme nootropic that makes this list in which I will also be assuming a 5-day, human guinea pig, self experiment with-logging my results the entire way. Desmopressin has been reported to induce a near photographic memory in

those who use it, and Tim Ferriss has even been reported to have taken it regularly while at Princeton. Desmopressin activates the recording center of the hippocampus, and evidently produces great results whilst its users take it.

5. Unifiram-Unifiram is a drug similar to Sunifiram yet with a significantly longer duration and stronger range of effects. The drug has been studied for the past several years and has been deemed as generally safe. Effects from this drug can include but are not limited to: Extreme sense of confidence, euphoria, and intelligence, dilated eyes, slightly elevated heart rate, overall sense of well being, and an increase in the rate of learning retention. Sunifiram is still somewhat stronger however, because of its extreme effects on one’s memory of which Unifiram lacks. 


4. Adderall +Piracetam-And now for the reason this post is labeled “top 7 smart drugs” and not “top 7 nootropics.” The combination of Adderall and Piracetam creates one of the most powerful states of consciousness within the brain, which is why it cracks number 5 on this list! Adderall in itself is one of the strongest cognitive enhancers readily available, and although it is dangerous and an amphetamine, there’s no denying the potency of its effects. Piracetam will potentate it as well as help it to last longer, causing a total minimization of the impending tolerance that would otherwise develop. Take at your own risk, but be careful with this one…

3.  Noopept-Noopept is one of my favorite smart drugs for both short and long term, and I give it extreme credits for helping me to set up this blog/supplement store. When you first take a Noopept, within minutes you’ll notice much improved vision, a greater overall sense of well being, and the feeling in your head that intelligence is flowing at its maximum potential. Noopept won’t just make you feel like a genius, if you work hard on it and constantly take on new, mentally stimulating tasks, it WILL make you a genius;)

2.  Modafinil-Although personally I have not had as great of results with Modafinil as had hoped (the media kind’ve over portrays this as the ultimate smart drug while it really is not that great) Modafinil works wonders for many who are looking for a boost in productivity. For many first time users, Modafinil can be just the ticket they need to bolster their overall success, and often times this little white tablet is the thing that either makes or breaks a struggling business. If you do decide to take it be sure you are well rested and you eat throughout the day, it will prolong and potentate its effects, and help to ward off any unnecessary side effects. Modafinil is like impossible to get unfortunately, luckily we have a smart drug that’s better!

  1. Hydrafinil- Hydrafinil is by FAR and away, our most potent smart drug. Hydrafinil is 4x stronger than Modafinil, and while it has a shorter half-life, can significantly improve mental focus, memory, mood and cognition, on a level unseen when taking other nootropics. Think about it, 4x stronger than MODAFINIL! Modafinil is that “real Limitless Pill” everyone always throws around, Hydrafinil is pure gold. Be sure to start out with one capsule and move up from there, as it can be very strong the first time:)

Always do your research before you try any nootropic, and for many of the nootropics listed above

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