The Ultimate Phenylpiracetam Review

The Ultimate Phenylpiracetam Review

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to magically increase your brain’s cognitive function, simply by taking a medication- even elevating your mood, or making you more capable of performing functions that you simply couldn’t put your mind to before? What if you could simply take a medicine and do anything and everything you ever wanted to- simply by ingesting medicine? It seems science- fiction and pretty unrealistic, but in Russia in the 1980’s a simple drug called Phenylpiracetam was created that’s doing the same things and having the same effects on those that are taking it- plus an increased resistance to cold weather- and having positive effects. But, before we talk about Phenylpiracetam; let’s overview the type of drug that it is.

Nootropics– For Increased Cognitive Function

Phenypiracetam is called a nootropic; and by definition, nootropics are substances that enhance cognitive function by increasing memory, boosting concentration, elevating your mood and pretty much anything else that’s related to cognition and thought. While nootropics go by several different names (recently they received the name “smart drug”) these cognitive enhancement medicines generally act by supporting or altering how the brain receives neurochemicals. Many nootropics work by simply altering neurotransmitters, others stimulate neurogenesis, but in general, nootropics induce positive changes in an individual’s brain to support their needs.

The term “nootropics” was coined in 1972 by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea; a Romanian scientist who derived these drugs with five basic criterion:

  1. The substance should enhance memory and ability to learn new things.
  2. The substance must have the ability to help the brain function in difficult/disruptive conditions like low oxygen or electroconvulsive shock.
  3. The substance must also protect the brain from chemical and physical assaults from anti-cholinergic drugs and barbiturates.
  4. The substance must increase efficacy of neuronal firing control mechanisms in the cortical and sub-cortical regions of the brain.
  5. The substance should not be a sedative or stimulative- hopefully possessing few to no side effects and be completely non-toxic.

Using these strict rules and guidelines helps narrow out many commonly used cognitive enhancers like caffeine, ephedrine, or other stimulants, allowing scientists to further classify nootropics in ways that allowed scientists to further study and improve them. To further specify, chemical compounds like caffeine that enhance cognitive function typically only do so in the short term, and higher doses of caffeine generally carry stimulant effects like heart palpitations and anxiety and only work by increasing the amount you’re taking in- thus creating a tolerance.

While caffeine might increase function, it becomes less and less effective the more you intake; and with prolonged and repeated uses fails to fit the strict definition set forth by nootropics. To further enhance your understanding of nootropics; there are further criterion set forth that specify specific functions of nootropics to define what is or isn’t included in the list.

  1. Substance must not directly affect vasoactivity- by causing ventrical dilation or constriction
  2. Substance should not affect basic EEG rhythm.
  3. Substance must cross the blood brain barrier.
  4. Substance must not create metabolic activity in the brain.
  5. Substance must prove metabolic cerebral improvement not caused by direct influence of drug.

The biggest difference between these particular classifications is the base belief that the substance should enhance memory and learning while also enhancing brain metabolism through glucose or oxygen update; and while there are a large amount of these types of drugs (racetams) that fit these definitions, common enhancers do not. There are a few supplements in nature that behave as nootropics, like ginkgo biloba, and vinpocetine that neither sedate or stimulate while enhancing memory, but they enhance blood flow to the brain, which makes them fail to meet the full criterion of nootropics- so while they might enhance brain development, they still aren’t as effective as modern racetams created for these specific purposes.

Understanding Common Nootropics

RacetamsPiracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam,pramiracetam, noopepet– these are all racetams that completely fulfill the classifications of nootropics. Subsequent racetams that are being created are typically more potent gram for gram and carry subtle differences to the ways that they work.

Choline SupplementsGPC and CDP are typically types of choline that nourish the brain and provide raw materials for acetylcholine and cell membrane synthesis to improve and maintain overall brain function.

Herbs– Two mentioned above- Vinpocetine, ginkgo, bacopa, huperzine-a; these have all traditionally been used for hundreds of years to strengthen the mind, reduce stress and support cognitive function, but fail to classify as proper nootropics because they increase blood flow to the brain.

Modified Vitamins and Minerals– Man made synthetic substances have been made of vitamins B1 and B6; and these play a role in how dopamine modulates in the brain while raising acetylcholine levels.

Why Phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam is far more stimulating than other racetams, being motivating and energizing, therefore providing better, more noticeable effects than other nootropics- where the effects can be hard to understand and also be far-reaching. Doses of Phenylpiracetam typically have immediate results and help subjects feel more alert and ready to perform activities. In many clinical studies, these types of drugs have shown marked improvement over other drugs of the same nature, without having the positive benefits. Phenylpiracetam has been used in subjects suffering from stroke or dementia and has been shown to markedly improve brain function and cognitive ability- a very exciting prospect for those looking for a cure for Alzheimer’s or similar failures of brain function due to the lack of blood flow to the brain (hypoxia).

As mentioned previously, Phenylpiracetam was developed in Russia in the 1980’s and was relatively unknown outside of Russia until 2006, and is 20-60 times more effective and potent than previously synthesized piracetam on a gram for gram basis. When the two were studied side by side, Phenylpiracetam was shown to be far more neuroprotective, anti-amnesic and more stimulating by far. While there’s no current knowledge on the negative effects of the stimulant like nature of this particular nootropic; the base consensus is that it’s best taken sporadically on an “as needed” basis, rather than becoming the staple of your life; whereas it’s best to avoid possible tolerance with prolonged uses.

Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

The Russian producers of Phenotropil have documented that Phenylpiracetam is most able to fight fatigue, cure minor depression, help in the treatment of epilepsy, and even treat conditions that occur from marked low brain oxygen levels; however the research to back these claims is hard to get one’s hands on, as most of it is written in Russian or unavailable online; however it has been recommended as cognitive enhancers for those who are traveling in space or are set in extended space travel conditions- stressing that it is beneficial and has positive effects in healthy persons.

The absolute most exciting part of the studies about Phenylpiracetam point towards it’s effectiveness against various forms of epilepsy, cognitive impairment and chronic fatigue. In fact, in one study with over 400 patients suffering from ischemic stroke, the recovery rate was significantly improved when compared to placebo; and in cases of those with cognitive deficits, like those following stroke, brain injury, or encephalopathy; over 99 patients with various levels of cognitive function disorders were provided a single 200 mg dose over 30 days, and during these treatments, depression levels, anxiety and pain were markedly lower. Furthermore, phenlypiracetam was found to improve retention latency by almost 200% when compared to a placebo, also reducing immobility time with it’s affinity for dopamine and noradrenaline receptors.

Personal Trials

In personal trials, those who tried Phenylpiracetam found that they felt a sense of clearness around their head that assisted with their alertness and calmness and made them more at ease. Their moods were elevated, but not euphoric. While they were focused, it was not jittery, or uncomfortable like in other stimulants. The first day on the nootropic; upon consumption, a test was required, and the subject was able to concentrate fully, and therefore passed the test very well. This was attributed to the ability to focus on exactly what was happening in the moment, without straying away on other thoughts- generally considering thoughts and ideas that had never been considered before, with their mind working in strange and new ways; and later that night, when they couldn’t settle their mind down, they took 1mg of melatonin to sleep.

So, Where Do You Purchase Phenylpiracetam?

In the USA and other locations worldwide:

In the EU and UK:

These types of medicines typically run a person about $70 dollars a bottle, but the effects could definitely be worth the cost; especially if you’re looking for clarity of thought, elevation of mood, and more concentration and introspection into your daily life. It’s definitely worth looking into- nootropics are integral in the process of improving memory, are safe for consumption, and definitely have positive benefits if taken in the right dosages. Lethal dosages in test rats was found to be around 800 mg/dose; meaning that at normal doses it should be completely safe. Like any new drug or supplement, if you have kidney or liver problems, you probably shouldn’t start a new regimen of this relatively untested new medicine, but in over 30 years there have been little to no reports of negative findings when dealing with Phenylpiracetam, so if you’re looking for a positive way to improve your brain function, try it today!






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