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While Unifiram can be extremely hard to get your hands on, we have an identical nootropic, Sunifiram, here in our nootropics store!

User experiences with Unifiram

Unifiram is a nootropic drug that is known to be more potent than Piracetam. It is derived from biarylpropylsulfonamide and is an ampakine like drug. It has an antiamnesic effect that is much higher than Piracetam. Sunifiram is another related compound of Unifiram. It has 2 enantiomers with R plus and R minus unifiram. It lowers the hypnosis duration that is pentrobarbiatal induced. It works without any impairment of motor coordination.It is considered to be new compared to other nootropic drugs. It is known to be a very powerful and effective supplement for brain functioning to date.

More Information

It is said that Unifiram is about thousand times more effective than other nootropics such as Aniracetam and Piracetam.User experiences with Unifiram have been very good and there has been a positive outcome on cognitive ability and memory than Racetams. Sunifiram also boosts the brain activity, just like Unifiram, and is taken as its replacement as Unifiram is less available.

Working of Unifiram Powder

It is an allosteric modulator of the AMPA receptors and works positively on them. It affects uptake of glutamate in the brain. It causes very good synaptic transmission between the neurons. It also aids in acetylcholine production like many other nootropics such as Racetams. The powder is normally extremely potent.

Recommended dosage: Unifiram is advised in a dosage of 4 -8mg, maximum three times in a day.

Unifiram Experiences

This powder improves memory power, concentration levels, learning, basic cognition capabilities and boosts mental energy. The raised glutamate levels along with higher acetylcholine transmission in the synapses of the brain, tend to improve overall functioning and health of the brain cells. It makes neuron transmission easier, hence information processing is much better than usual. There are anti-amnesia effects, improvement in attention span and clarity in thought because of its usage.

User experiences with Unifiram reveal that:

  • It has provided consistent positive results in many users.
  • It is well tolerated by most of the users.
  • Brain cells are activated with its use.
  • Cognitive capabilities improve at a great level.
  • Anti amnesia effects were prominent.
  • It works as cholinergic compounds, which work by attaching themselves by stimulation of AMPA receptors and glutamate.
  • It slows down the activation in receptors, thereby boosts memory and cognitive capabilities.
  • They prevent and play a vital role against excitotoxicity, ie, cell damage due to release of calcium ions.
  • Certain protein kinases are activated, which protect against neurotoxicity by serving as a neuroprotective substance.

Hence, it can be concluded, based on the studies and user experiences with Unifiram, that it is safe to be used; however, unlike any other drug, it certainly comes with some side effects. There is a great deal of glutamatergic transmission understanding involved with this product in Science. It is important that the recommended dosage should never be crossed while using it. Furthermore, it is better to maintain caution when using Unifiram in combination with any other drug. Ampakines might boost their excitotoxicity if used with other combinational drugs. So it is better to consult a physician prior to consuming it.

Final Thoughts

Unifiram is an ampakine nootropic that is virtually identical to Noopept, but that just lasts a tad longer. Overall, Noopept will give you the effect you’re looking for in a nootropic regiment similar to Unifiram, easier to synthesize and cheaper too!

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