How to Use Sunifiram-A re-Engineered Adderall with Permanent Enhancing Effects!!!!!

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How to Use Sunifiram

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More about Sunifiram

A novel cognitive enhancing drug with effects that range towards an extremely high potency, known as sunifiram, has been sweeping the nootropic nation for the last six months. Sunifiram is a high potency ampakine nootropic with a sister drug, known as unifiram, that is slightly stronger, although much more expensive. Sunifiram has a mechanism of action similar to noopept, but also bears properties leaning towards that of a re-engineered amphetamine (ie. a methylphenidate type drug).

A soon to be revolutionary drug of the future, not only due in part to it’s own prominent effects, but also because of how it leads to the creation of other cognitive enhancing drugs, Sunifiram is silently sweeping the nation of nootropic drugs due to its high potency, and long term benefits that surpass even noopept. It too increases NGF, as well as a score of other cognitive processes, and is thought of as the nootropic with the best chance for increasing neuroplasticity.

Final Thoughts:

I would recommend using sunifiram with a great choline supplement (as with any other nootropic or nootropic regiment) although normally a good fish oil supplement will suffice. Diet and exercise will also play a huge factor as to the total effectiveness of the drug. Sunifiram takes a relatively short amount of time to kick in, taking effect in as little at 15 minutes or less. Continue a regiment with sunifiram, and if the literature sustains to be true, you will find you have increased endurance, both mental and physical, a rush of clear energy that compounds each time you take sunifiram, and finally a sort of confidence that will set the bar of any other nootropic in existence. Be sure to give sunifiram a look, and check out unifiram for an even more compelling and effective journey to becoming a genius.

The future is beyond bright, and such is especially true with drugs like Sunifiram, and with new revolutionary psychoactive, yet safe smart drugs. Check out nootropic forums for more information on sunifiram, and more posts on up and coming nootropics!


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