A Review Of The Recommended Dosages For Vinpocetine

What is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine is a compound that is formed from the periwinkle plant and it is used mainly as a cognitive enhancer. Whether it lives up to this or not in whole is up for strong debate. It comes from the Vinca Minor plant. It is derived from the synthetic supplement Vincamine, supposedly it’s a lot safer and effective than that one. It may enhance blood flow (hence how it makes other nootropics so much stronger) and may increase memory, though…as usual, these claims have not been entirely investigated on a level that is up to standards with how clinical trials are supposed to be prepared.

Vinpocetine is a powerful potentiator nootropic with a wide array of beneficial effects on the human brain. The drug is typically used by individuals looking to improve mood, memory, and focus, and to….wait for it, to improve the strength of other nootropic drugs. Yeah…you read that correctly, our little friend Vinpocetine is meant to make other drugs stronger, it’s a little bit like choline or Piperine.


Ahh, the benefits of this miraculous nootropic drug, where to start… A 60mg Vinpocetine dosage may be best for actually “feeling” a good effect off of the drug’s use. Vinpocetine typically causes the users to feel a number of ways. This is solely my opinion and the opinion of many reviews on the web and is not intended to be taken as a prescription or as a guide for how the drug will make you feel, as it affects everyone differently. Yadayadayada, you get the idea…so here’s the list:

  • May help to make other smart drugs stronger, work longer, and work more efficiently.
  • Helps improve memory
  • Helps improve the clarity of thought
  • Acts as a significant cognitive enhancer
  • Online reviews say that the drug may help to improve one’s energy levels
  • May improve and increase blood flow to the brain

Recommended Dosage

20-60 mg, although in my own personal experience, 60-mg works far better. 20-mg didn’t do much really, too low of a dose. 60-mg worked pretty good, made my racetams work better, helped with my memory, mood focus and clarity of thought.

Side Effects

Vinpocetine has a wide array of effects and probably has a larger number of different effects and benefits than that of any other nootropic drug. Vinpocetine is a synthetic (biosynthetic to be more specific) supplement that is made from the periwinkle plant.

Vinpocetine side effects are typically mild, and serve to let the user know to take less of the dosage, to eat or drink more fluids, and/or to get better sleep while taking the drug. Side effects typically include:

  • stomach upset,
  • hunger,
  • jitters
  • increased thirst or
  • inability to get to sleep.

Vinpocetine is not safe to take while pregnant or nursing. Vinpocetine side effects are typically very benign and are not strong at all. They do not occur usually if taken in small dosages.

Vinpocetine Uses

As stated above, people take Vinpocetine because they’re looking to jack up the effects of other smart drugs. Vinpocetine, however, is added so that the supplement has an effect on the user that is much stronger than otherwise. Since it’s just a combo of herbs and caffeine, Vinpocetine helps give the supplement stack that “pizazz” that it would’ve otherwise lacked. Imagine, however, if you took the drug with something like Adrafinil, Hydrafinil or Phenylpiracetam! It’d be crazy right 🙂

When you take Vinpocetine, it will subtly but significantly improve mood, memory, and focus, and will allow the user to have the ability of stronger smart drugs. Vinpocetine is especially good if taken with things like Sunifiram, Piracetam, and Adrafinil. While it cannot take the place of choline, it’ll give more energy and help you feel fairly more alert and focused than otherwise. Vinpocetine is taken by all sorts of individuals, but typically college students and those entrepreneurs and

Long-Term Use

Long-Term use showed no real side effects in clinical trials, and I however, even with this backing it, as a nootropics company owner and quite frequent smart drugs user (pry a tad too much for my own good but that’s a story for another blog post;) would not recommend taking this, or any of them really, over the long term. These are not always 100% well-studied, so best to cycle off of all of these nootropics from time to time eh…..studies however…are in-fact showing, that long-term poses no serious side effects. So do what you will fellow nootropics readers!

Short-term Use

Short-term use, yes, yes yes and yes again. Use it in the short-term for best effects. Short-term is good because you can derive the most benefits of it, and you can do so without encountering any bad side effects, or without any withdrawal symptoms. When you take it short-term you don’t grow a tolerance to it either. Which is good because once again, Vinpocetine is a potentiator nootropic drug, meaning that it makes other nootropics stronger. So use it with stimulants, racetam drugs etc.

I don’t recommend it, some of the guys online have reported doing so, and for good reason, if you megadose a potentiator it can make the nootropics you’re taking it with extremely powerful.


The half-life of Vinpocetine is around 8-12 hours, which means that the drug will last around 4-6 hours on a single dose. Vinpocetine can be taken several times throughout the day to keep it going the whole day.

Research on Vinpocetine

Most of these say that Vinpocetine helped increase the effects of other nootropics, and also helps to improve mood and clarity of thought.

When was the drug created

In the 1960s by a group of scientists working on nootropics. Took place in by a French scientist who was looking for a memory booster. It succeeds in much of the way that creatine succeeds in this department, it increases ATP in the human brain and body.

Online Reviews

Here are some quotes from a few online reviews:

  • “could never get a stable effect out of it, taking large doses. Take one some time and you’re alert and ready to go to work”
  • “seemed like it helped me study for my tests easier”
  • “gave me a good burst of energy that lasted about the whole day”
  • “had some physical side effects”

The Author’s Personal Review of Vinpocetine

My personal review, as mentioned above, is that at 20-mg, if we’re being totally frank, the drug didn’t do jack squat. However, once you try 60-mg, you’ll see why this supplement exists, it can be a powerful asset when it’s added to one’s nootropic toolbelt, and can help to both strengthen nootropics, and make them work more effectively, whilst also having some good effects of its own.

Final Thoughts

To say the very least, there is no one super exact Vinpocetine dosage. The drug works differently on everyone, and while in my opinion, 20-mg did nothing, and 60-mg was a great trip (metaphorically speaking, of course, even 60-mg was still very subtle) it may not do the same thing on a person of different chemistry.

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