Vinpocetine Powder

What is Vinpocetine Powder?

What about this makes it so important? What can this product do for you? Well, take a stab and learn the benefits of Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine is a herbal supplement that doctors use on their patients and that nootropic user takes online to potentiate other supplements. Vinpocetine powder is a very effective nootropic and is super popular in many online forums, as well as in the general online realm of nootropics.


Vinpocetine has many benefits which include but are not limited to, actually improving a persons’ memory. I have also heard others say that it also has the ability to improve a persons’ ability to learn and withhold information. Alertness is also one unique benefit of this useful supplement. It helps you mentally be more alert and also helps you concentrate a lot better if you get distracted easily.

Vinpocetine also has been said to have properties that actually keep your brain protected and keep damage like free radicals from occurring. Vinpocetine also increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain. One more amazing benefit is they also use this to help with hair loss. There are other benefits linked in with it as well.

Oxygen flow to the brain is increased, Levels of ATP also increase, Vertigo can also be treated. Heavy metals can also be removed from the body, red blood cells can actually improve their flexibility. You may even catch yourself at times asking yourself “What makes Vinpocetine so effective”? Vinpocetine, while not too powerful on its own, has many amazing effects that potentiate other nootropics.

It is most commonly taken with nootropics such as Adrafinil, Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam and Sulbutiamine, powerful racetams and stimulants which are very synergistic with Vinpocetine. In the nootropics community, Vinpocetine is in nearly every single nootropic stack because of just how powerful the drug is at making other nootropic drugs stronger. Vinpocetine can give a kick in the pants to many other supplements that otherwise lack that quality.


What is the recommended dosage? Most of the dosage is 10 mg and you take it three times daily and it is taken orally.

Side Effects

Are there any side effects or effects in general? Other than what is noted below, there are no other side effects known with this and none else have been noted. Most of the trial runs were not long enough to really record anything. Some people have said they had an occurring headache if their dosage was above 15-mg a day, usually following with an upset stomach.

There have not been any factual reactions while taking this drug, and it is safe to take with other medications if you have medications prescribed to you. When it comes to being pregnant there is no sure record that it is safe or unsafe. Nausea has been noted to occur. Sleep patterns can be potentially affected. Dizziness and nervousness have also been noted. This does not require a doctors prescription to get.

Long-Term Use

The longer we take nootropics, the more we encourage neuroplasticity, which creates new learning abilities, and in turn means that for a given amount of study, we will have the ability to learn faster and result in accelerated learning. This creates greater levels of neuroplasticity, further facilitated by nootropics and creates even faster learning ability, which fosters even greater neuroplasticity and so it goes on.


Some researchers have taken the edge of the competition in a means of achieving a higher expectation from this supplement. Some studies have indicated that at the higher range of the application, 30 to 45-mg, that Vinpocetine has the ability to FURTHER increase the cognitive function in otherwise normal people. But sadly, not a lot of people have laid claim to whether or not this is true or false. Megadose is typically used when starting a new drug or supplement so the person who is ingesting can receive the maximal effect of the substance right away.

This however only works for certain nootropics and normally those have to be the ones in the Racetam family and it could be potentially dangerous when ingested together with supplements such as Ampakines.

Sublingual Use

Sublingual, is a root word from the language of Latin, “under the tongue” for short, refers to the route of administration by which the supplement or drug is diffused into the blood throughout tissues under the tongue. Many supplements are designed for sublingual administration. Use of this method has MANY advantages. For those that do not understand, Sublingually taking a drug or supplement means a faster, more direct route into the bloodstream.

Common Vinpocetine Stacking

Stacking has been super popular today. This is something others do to strengthen or maximize the effects of this specific drug. If you want to do this with Vinpocetine then there is something called Ginkgo Biloba stack which would be a perfect choice. They both make the potency level rise.

Both of them potentiate each other’s benefits. Whether it be an enhanced cognitive function, improved mood, promotion of a healthier brain, and among many others. They synergize each other thus, leading to a powerful and natural stack.

Another common stack would be combining Vinpocetine with a drug called a Racetam. An example of this would be the Vinpocetine and Pramiracetam stack. Being one of the most potent nootropics, Pramiracetam serves to give a significant boost to one’s cognitive functions such as that of long term memory formation and retrieval. Now with the addition of Vinpocetine, it leaves the user with an enhanced mood, attention, and focus. With the two drugs combined, it would be a great study aid for students who are seeking to have an increased learning ability as well as an improved drive and focus to do their tasks.

This mixture is a great study aid for students who are searching for a way to increase their learning ability along with their drive and being able to remain focused with the task at hand. The perfect Vinpocetine dosage is usually around 1-15 mg daily.

Online Reviews

Positive or negative reviews? There have been a massive amount of positive reviews regarding this supplement. Most reviews state that the nootropic really helped to potentiate other supplements.

Vinpocetine also helped some with their impulse control and frequent mood swings were reduced significantly. They felt that the product helped them not lose track of what they were saying to others and it aided in helping them feel completely normal again and they had no adverse reactions or side effects. They highly recommend it to others.

There have also been mixed reviews with the success rate. Some of the views on there say they are tremendously affected positively, while others state they have not had any success on it at all.


There has not been any clear research that states that this supplement is actually harmful to others. They have done their research and found that it does help others if they have any of the underlying issues that this is used to treat.

Legal Status

According to the FDA, this is not a legal supplement even though there has been some success in findings by the NDI. This supplement has actually been excluded from the list of supplements through the FDA. According to a search done through the FDA, this ingredient was involved in an investigation back in 1981. According to another finding, it is not herbal at all, but actually synthetic.


In closing this article I hope you understand that this is a herbal supplement that is very popular. This product is able to enhance your brain function and your memory along with a handful of other potential problems everyday people may face. There were some side effects that could be one factor to stir people away but a lot of the ones who have ingested this product have not had very many reactions or effects long term or short term.

There are many ways to use common stacks and have a full effect like a person would like to achieve. Long term use has not shown any signs of any dangers to anyone who may be interested in taking this product for extended amounts of time. You can choose to have the pill form which you can ingest orally and swallow or a Sublingual use which is a tablet that you place underneath your tongue to dissolve. There are many advantages to using this product and hopefully, this was able to shed a little bit of light on the topic.

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