What are Nootropics

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What are Nootropics?

Nootropics, or smart drugs as they are more commonly called, are an upcoming branch of pharmaceuticals, (something in between a strong supplement and a stimulant drug in most cases) that act positively on the brain, with each one improving a single different, or strand of different cognitive functions. Nootropics are split up into scores of categories, both strong and weak, and both short term and long term. Not to be mistaken with neurotoxic drugs, such as Adderall or Ritalin, nootropics do not build up a tolerance, but instead exhibit traits of reverse tolerance, meaning that the more of the drug you take, the more effective and pronounced its effects will be. Nootropics are quickly making a name for themselves and will no doubt continue to make a splash in business, technology, and as a hopeful ADHD treatment method.

Here’s an overview of some of the types of nootropics, as well as the gist you can expect while taking them.

Supplemental Nootropics

    These nootropics consist of those that take somewhat longer before one will feel effects, but in the long run, you will still feel pronounced cognitive improvements. These include Choline, Alpha GPC, Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and Pramiracetam. These nootropics have much more subtle and less noticeable effects than the Ampakine’s or long-term nootropics, and are a great area of noots to try if you’re just starting in the smart drugs game. Take these nootropics listed above in attack doses (using a higher dose to get the drug in your system faster, only to maintain and build up its balance in the blood stream) and continue to supplement with these afterwards in order to maintain. If any racetamic nootropics are used, it is best supplemented with a choline source (ie: piracetam and choline, aniracetam with choline) for maximum benefits, as well as for prevention of headaches (racetams can deplete acetylcholine stores, causing a slight to moderate headache as a side effect, choline will negate this, as well as make it more effective. ) All in all these are great nootropics and I recommend them for beginners, or as use in a stack (a combination of nootropics in order to make them stronger) in order to make a nootropic regiment all the more efficient.

Ampakine Nootropics

These nootropics consist of some of the strongest types of nootropics, including Unifiram, Sunifiram, Colouracetam, and in some cases Noopept or Phenylpiracetam. These nootropics are the strongest in the long term, and are moderate in the short term. Normally (with the exception of Phenylpiracetam, a more stimulant like nootropic) these nootropics are also best used with an attack dose in order to get the drug into your system faster. After this a moderate dosage is used to maintain its potent effects. These drugs are most effective if used in a long term cycle of nootropics (ie: one month of supplementing noopept or sunifiram followed by a week off, then repeat the process.) With these drugs expect a mild to moderate degree of euphoria, in some cases effects similar to that of an amphetamine (yet without the risk of addiction and no harsh side effects) except with a cumulative, strengthening effect. You’ll notice these nootropics beginning to work when your vision is drastically increased, your memory benefits from the drugs become extremely noticeable, and finally your mental energy becomes a constant stream of sustainable energy. Use these nootropics once you’ve had experience with the more supplemental like nootropics, these nootropics are the real deal, and they’ll have you feeling like a super genius in no time!

Long Term Nootropics

As far as for the long term, all of the supplemental nootropics fall into this category, as well as one special nootropic, and my favorite one, noopept. As far as long term, when supplemented for 1-3 months continuously, these drugs (as well as their initial effects) have profound changes on the brain EVEN AFTER USE OF THEM HAS STOPPED! By increasing NGF, or nerve growth factor, noopept, when supplemented in the long term, can literally increase the length of neurons and function ability of the receptors in the brain. It also increases BDNF, or Brain Derive Neurotrophic Factor, basically meaning your brain adapts to the drastic changes in your intelligence brought on by the nootropic substance, and makes permanent improvements to your intelligence to compensate.

Stimulant-Like Nootropics

The only non-neurotoxic stimulant like nootropic that falls into this category is Phenylpiracetam. Phenylpiracetam is used worldwide for its stimulating effects, coming without all the nasty side effects of modern day ADHD medications. Labeled as Carphedron or Phenotropil, upon ingestion of Phenylpiracetam you will feel a nice, stimulating buzz, as well as a feeling of physical energy. Phenylpiracetam has the added benefit, as well as its mental effects, of increasing physical endurance in lengthy periods of exercise, the major reason why Phenylpiracetam is banned in the Olympics (Olympic sprinters as well as cyclists were caught using this to increase physical endurance, it shows up on an Olympic style drug test as a general stimulant.) All in all I give Phenylpiracetam a great review and recommend using it sparingly; this nootropic does have a drastic buildup in tolerance, and should be used on simply an as needed basis for optimum performance.

Another stimulant nootropic that portrays nootropic qualities but that is technically a narcolepsy medication, is Modafinil, or its nootropic substitute, Adrafanil. Modafinil is commonly referred to as “the CEO’s drug” because internet startups and company CEO’s use it to stay up for days, taking advantage of REM rebound and skipping sleep cycles, all while not losing any efficiency in the office. If you have a large project at hand that this could be useful for, be sure to do your research on Modafinil and Adrafanil, and always take a break from these, as they can carry more side effects than none in comparison to some of the other, listed nootropics.

Extreme/ Short-Term Nootropics

                These nootropics are often hard to obtain and can carry with them extremely dangerous, and in some cases even FATAL side effects. These nootropics are not for the faint of heart and if you’re going to use them I recommend talking to a pharmacist or medical practitioner that knows what he’s doing first. Nootropic legends like Dave Asperey and Tim Ferriss have used these smart drugs, and in some cases have become super geniuses, with Dave Asperey functioning very effectively as VP of a company and with Tim Ferriss learning twelve languages, tap dancing, swimming, accelerated learning, and a score of other nonrelated skills. Both are also published authors and have some of the most highly viewed blogs on the internet.

So without further adue, here is the only extreme nootropic available today!


A synthetic form of the hormone Vassopressin, or ADH, Desmopressin targets the V2 receptor in the hippocampus of the brain, turning on the brains recall center and giving the user almost a complete photographic memory. Tim Ferris described its usage like this “before tests at Princeton I would take two vaporized hits in each nostril, flip through the material five minutes before the exam, and score a 95-100% each time.” This drug will turn on your brains memory receptors, and should be used on an as needed basis due to its extreme potency. Excess water should not be consumed on desmopressin as it restricts the was your kidneys excrete fluids.

Final Thoughts

Nootropics have the potential to change your life, cure addiction, and even improve intelligence and IQ points to extreme degrees. Do your research and stay tuned for more in-detailed articles on each individual Nootropic in existence, and I’ll see you in health!

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