Rhodiola Rosea Effects, What does Rhodeola Rosea Feel like?

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Rhodiola Rosea

Also known as the Urpin Rose or the rose root, Rhodeola Rosea, is a supplement that is widely used in building stamina, strength and mind power. The drug comes from a plant called Rhodiola whose root is the source of the drug. It has also been used in treating sexual dysfunctions, stress, heart disorders and cholesterol complications. This, therefore, has made it one of the most favourite drugs used by many people across the world. The drug that can improve learning and memory and also helps reduce the rate at which cells get damaged.


The benefits from the drug are many and have been reported by the very many users who have experienced the effects of the supplement. One of the benefits is that there is improved muscle strength and reduced fatigue. Therefore, the users can work longer and do exercises for a long time than they previously could before they started using the drug.

My experiences

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The functioning of the brain is very much enhanced, and I was able to think clearly and critically in a way that made me more productive. Apart from that, the supplement also increased my heart vitality and managed the anxiety I used to have. When the dosage is right, then the well-being of the person using it will be improved so much. For the office workers and other works that involve the mind, the drug is very helpful as it makes them comprehend issues and concepts faster and better. The experience I had is enough to make me believe that it can do all these.

My use of the supplement has been something that has changed my life completely. I am able to handle many tasks than what I used to do previously. I am old, but the usage of the supplement makes me feel that I am a lot younger. I can keep up with the pace with other people in talking, working and in the comprehension of issues. This has made me feel better each day since I do not feel inadequate at all.  Coupled with that, I also work out in the evening daily and the supplement has been helpful. I can do many more exercises and stay longer in the gym.  This has contributed to my better health.


The right dosage of the drug is something that is under study currently, and precise prescriptions have not been reached at so far. The amounts to be taken, therefore, are subject to a number of factors, which include the health of the user, the age and various other factors as medics will advise. The natural products are not always safe, and therefore, it is advisable to have a physician’s recommendation before taking them.

The Side Effects

There are a number of effects that come along with using Rhodiola Rosea. One of them is constipation and improper bowel movements, which can be as long as one is using the drug. Pregnant mothers are also advised not to use the drug since it can cause many more complications and affect the growing pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Rhodeola Rosea is available here in our nootropics store!

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