What Does Vinpocetine Do?

What Does Vinpocetine Do?

Vinpocetine is a nootropic drug that has proven memory and concentration benefits. A herbal type nootropic and one in which not much buzz circulate it, vinpocetine is among the top smart drugs in the herbal category, is very well studied and documented as safe, and has been used around the world for centuries. Prescribed in Europe as an off label supplement to help treat alzheimer’s disease, it greatly ups mental energy and performance (especially when used over the long term), and improves your clarity of thought to an immensely noticeable degree.

My review of Vinpocetine As an herbal nootropic, Vinpocetine’s effects can range from greater clarity of thought to significantly increased memory….at least of the effects that are noticeable! Vinpocetine improves blood flow to the brain, dilates blood vessels in the cerebrum for greater learning capacity, and increases glucose and ATP production in your brains cells. Relation to vinpocetine to NGF and LTP is HIGHLY dose dependent, meaning that the more you take, and over the longer period of time, the more likely and significantly each of these phenomenons will occur. The increased energy from Vinpocetine equates to better neuronal plasticity and functioning, and research has demonstrated more highly developed frontal lobes in mice supplemented with vinpocetine for six to eight weeks.

When I first began vinpocetine, absolutely nothing was felt, after six weeks of regular supplementation however, I noticed effects very similar to piracetam, yet with greater focus. While vinpocetine may not seem like much, give it a few weeks to a few months, you will notice its extraordinary benefits.   Dosages   When I used vinpocetine, I used dosages of around 40 milligrams a day. Vinpocetine also has other interesting effects regarding the levels of neurotransmitters in your brain, which is what facilitates the bulk of vinpocetine’s extreme effects, such as learning capacity, speed of recall and overall cognition. It has direct influence on dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and acetylcholine (all to very mild, yet noticeable degrees.). Because of vinpocentine’s apparent weakness , it is best when stacked with a stimulant nootropic, such as Modafinil, Sunifiram or Armodafinil. It is available in capsule and powder form. There is no withdrawal and very few side effects.

Final Thoughts

Vinpocetine is one of the strongest herbal nootropics, and is great for recovery, stacking with stimulant nootropics, and for winding down before bed at night to help get in those extra few hours of REM sleep. A better and cheaper alternative to Vinpocetine is L-Theanine, which ca be found here on our site!

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