What Is Aniracetam?

What Is Aniracetam?

The first question on almost everyone’s lips who hears the word, Aniracetam, is “What’s that?” It’s been around since the late 60s and is one of the classes of drugs called Racetams of which two of the most well known is Piracetam and Aniracetam. Originally, these drugs were used for people that had strokes and other conditions, which affect the blood flow to the brain. But, what interests us most is what happens when a normal person takes this drug, as it increases cognitive function improves memory, and basically turns an ordinary individual into a virtual Einstein. And this is where this and over 126 other drugs, which have been classed together and called Nootropics.

This is becoming increasingly in the news of late as students all over America in universities and colleges are turning to these drugs to enhance their ability to take tests, work under stress, and get better grades that help them land better-paying jobs after graduation. This article will do its best to describe “What is Aniracetam?” a question commonly asked by many for lack of knowledge about nootropics.

How this all comes about is still a bit of a mystery as the exact mechanisms are still unknown. It is however believed that they activate certain neurotransmitters and the associated neuronal receptors. This has the effect of speeding up the brain’s activity to an unheard-of level. Other studies have shown that it improves memory by affecting the AMPA receptors by stimulating glutamic acid production as well as protecting nerve cells via meta-botrophic receptors.

Use As A Sleep Aid?

Yes, along with all the other benefits advantages you receive by using Aniracetam you can also get a good night’s sleep as well. This may have to do with the improvement of new euro transmitter and synaptic activity along with the relief of anxiety stress which taken as a whole helps prevent the buildup of stress chemicals and free radicals in the body and the brain. The end result of all this is that you feel more relaxed and thus able to sleep throughout the night and not be woken up by nagging worries.

Use For Studying?

However, most people use this drug for its major selling point and that’s study improvement. Your focus is increased, your memory improves dramatically, and your test scores which you ahead of the curve and at the head of the class. This all adds up to one of the premier smart drugs being used on American campuses today.

In fact, during finals week many online retailers run short on their supply of Aniracetam, as the demand is so great. Those who have thought ahead and stocked up early often sell their excess supply to their classmates for a tidy profit.

This means if you’re going to be using smart drugs in your studies. You should be sure to order ahead of time prior to the peak examination/term paper/thesis seasonal rush.


So what are you getting if you decide to go with Aniracetam over its more famous cousin Piracetam?

Well, imagine being able to think in lightning speed and analyzing situation as it develops with the clarity that makes all your options crystal-clear and creating a plan of action that takes advantage of all the negatives as well as the positives to give you a winning solution. This is what the more powerful and versatile member of the Racetam family can do for you.

You also get a positive jolt that helps dispel any negative feelings and stresses that your job brings to you. This in itself makes it far better than many of the antidepressants that are available through a doctor’s prescription only. Your memory improves markedly and you are more alert than you’ve ever thought possible.

This all adds up to the fact that if you’re in college you’ll go to the head of the class, if you’re already working you become more productive and respected as your ideas and decisions bear fruit that allows your career to surge ahead in this highly competitive and unforgiving playing field of the 21st century business/academic world.

Aside from its obvious benefits as a mental accelerator, memory enhancer, and cognitive improvement drug, Aniracetam is also an excellent anxiety reliever. As it boosts the neurotransmitters in the brain and allows greater blood flow, it also stimulates the various brain chemicals that bring about positive feelings and a natural high is often experienced. As mentioned earlier this makes this drug a useful alternative to the more powerful and potentially addictive antidepressants and psychotropic drugs that many doctors and psychotherapists routinely prescribed for anxiety, depression, and stress disorders.

Couple this with the fact but you don’t require a prescription and you don’t have to go to a shrink. This keeps negative information out of your medical history, as today people who have sought counseling for being overstressed or have visited a psychotherapist, are often viewed in a negative connotation and their careers have suffered as a result.

You can feel better, have a brighter outlook on life, and handle the pressure better along with not having to worry about what appears in your medical records that has become more easily accessible by corporations after the Affordable Health Care Act went into effect.

Recommended Dosage

As with any Nootropic drug getting the dosage right is key to getting the performance enhancements, you want without the side effects. And in Aniracetam’s case, 1500 mg per day seems to be optimal. Those who use this drug and a regular basis take one 750 mg dose in the morning and one of a similar size and the afternoon. Since Aniracetam can be purchased via bulk as well as capsule or tablet online from many suppliers this poses no difficulty for many of the Wall Street Stock Traders/Futures Specialists, Madison Avenue Sales Gurus, and college students. Of which students are the ones who get the most publicity during their fight for the #1 position in class rankings that ensures being picked for a high-paying corporate slot that after 2008 are becoming more difficult to land.

This dosage is been shown to be optimal to give you the best balance between memory, cognitive function, and mental acuity all key ingredients that top business execs need to run their firm’s day-to-day operations and plan for future corporate profitability. What is Aniracetam on a long-term basis, now that we know some of its history, use and effects?

Side Effects

If Aniracetam is taken in moderation and according to the recommended dosage, there are virtually no side effects. However, if your subject to sensitivity to Acetylcholine you may experience headaches when using this drug. Toxicity only becomes apparent if you take in megadose quantities, which is contraindicated, as it serves no additional benefit over taking the recommended dosage.

However when starting any regime with the new drug or dietary supplement is always best to check with your doctor first and verify you have no outstanding medical conditions that would contravene you’re using Aniracetam. Also, make sure you check this see if there would be any adverse interactions between the current meds you are taking as well.

It is also a good idea to start out with a lower dosage and slowly work your way up to see how the drug affects your metabolism and at which level the positive effects are best accentuated.

What are the positive effects?

Aniracetam increases cerebral blood flow, speeds up neurotransmitter uptake and your neuron synapses fire and lightning speed. Which taken altogether accelerates your mind and puts you in a class of individuals the likes of which names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett would classify as equals.

Your Acetylcholine neurotransmitters function at optimum and your mind’s ability to process information and absorb new knowledge goes beyond the pale. You only have to read the book, “Limitless” or if you can rent the DVD see the effects that a fictionalized version of this type of drug can do for you as an individual.

You won’t become a “Mentat” from Frank Herbert’s famous book “Dune.” However, you will be able to achieve your academic goals as well as your business objectives with the productivity level far beyond everything you’ve ever experienced before.

This can have a major impact on your class studies, final grades, and your productivity once you do land, that dream job you’ve always wanted. What is Aniracetam and the main uses of the drug however? Aniracetam is mainly used by entrepreneurs and college students, as well as working-class Americans looking for an edge.

Is Aniracetam Legal?

As of this writing, the FDA and the DEA have both taken a hands-off policy with regards to Nootropic drugs as the FDA deals with medical related drugs and not drugs that are designed to boost or enhance human performance. The DEA is focused on illegal/category to drugs that are addicted and are often abused.

Nootropics fall under the current heading for dietary supplements and, therefore, can be ordered in bulk online from many suppliers from around the world, most notably China, Europe, and Canada. However, when you’re ordering from outside the continental United States, be sure to verify the purity and the chemical makeup of the product ahead of time.

Currently, in Europe, Aniracetam is only that available via prescription.

Safety Concerns

As of this writing, there are no medical studies that indicate that if this drug is taken in the recommended dosages for the recommended reasons there should be any medical difficulties encountered.

Having said that however, the writer of this article would like to add the standard warning about using dietary supplements without checking with your physician first and those nursing or pregnant women should refrain from using any drugs or dietary supplements without the express permission of their doctor.

However, in the vast majority of people who have used Aniracetam report only positive results and minor problems such as headaches as mentioned previously. This can be addressed by using pain control techniques and/or an analgesic made for headache pain.

Final Thoughts

The dream of scholars, businesspersons, and entrepreneurs is now realized in the 21st century, as the “Brain Pill” is now a reality. How this will affect academia has there are concerns about those who take the pills getting an unfair advantage over those who do not partake of them. There are also moralists who believe this type of modification of the human being is abnormal and shouldn’t be permitted. On the other side of the coin there are those who feel anything that can help them win in today’s “dog eat dog” business environment is acceptable whether you should choose to use Aniracetam for whatever reason is up to you personally. You will find however many of your classmates, colleagues at work, and business associates see nothing wrong with using a pill to get ahead in the market, classroom, and the boardroom.

Movies like “Lucy” and “limitless” have shown the potential for Nootropics in today’s world. The genie has been released and now it is impossible to return to the old ways of doing things when there are a faster and easier approaches available for a price.

Already students in China are using “Brain Pills” to get ahead in their studies and take top honors both in Asia and in schools all across America as well.

You have to decide for yourself how you are going to compete with them as well is your fellow classmates and colleagues at work. The drugs are there and if you look at Amazon’s stats, they are bestsellers. This means someone’s using them. Why shouldn’t it be you?

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