What is Bacopa Monnieri

What is Bacopa Monnieri?

Bacopa Monnieri, also known as the herb of grace, is an herb that is used to enhance mental activity and boost one’s memory. Various formulas aimed at having increased memory, and mental assertiveness have comprised this herb in them. The herb has been in use for some time, and many studies are underway to unravel more about the ability it has, as related to brain function.The herb has also been used in treating diseases such as epilepsy, joint pains and sexual performance problems. The aspect of boosting libido has, however, not been conclusively ascertained since some questions have been raised on its connection with increased libido, when used.

The effects of the usage of the drug can be seen in a few hours after consuming it, but this can be up to a day or two depending on the amount that the user has taken.

Side Effects of Bacopa Monnieri

The use of the herb has been linked to some side effects which the users need to be wary of. The very first of them is the possibility of developing slow heart rate, which is medically known as tradycardia. This condition can be problematic if the user already has a low heart rate. The other effect is the blocking of the intestinal tracts which can cause congestion and other alimentary canal complications.

More about Bacopa Monnieri

In connection with gastrointestinal blockages, some ulcer growth that occurs in the alimentary canal has been linked to the usage of the drug. Secretions initiated by the drug are a major cause of the problem. Asthmatic users will also be exposed to more risk when the lungs have increased secretions arising from the usage of the drug. Urinary obstructions have also been cited as a common side effect of the grace herb.


For improved memory, it is advised that a dosage of 200 milligrams to 500 milligrams be taken once a day for at least twelve weeks. The dosage in most cases is administered by mouth and care should be taken on the amount taken, since the potency and concentration of the drug vary. It is always advisable that it be taken before eating anything for it to work well.

Review – My experience with Bacopa Monnieri

From the very first day when I took it, I have never doubted the capability of the drug. It came up much like a low dosage of piracetam, and gave similar resemblance to the mood booting qualities found in ashwagandha root. Much to my surprise, it also lasted all day. Literally twelve hours of what felt like an anti-depressant, piracetam combination. Great for memory, mood, focus, and a general yet subtle buzz in mental energy and acuity.

Effect on brain receptors

The workings of the Bacopa Monnieri  plant is such that it adds the active element of Bacoside A and makes the hippocampus of the pilocarpine function better and faster. The Hippocampus, is where the memory and learning processes are controlled from, and conviniently, this is just where Bacopa targets. Memory is this herbal nootropics chief focus, and over the long term, the cells in the hippocampus actually grow (a result of NGF, or Nerve Growth Factor, occurring in the brain) no side effects are felt with this herb either in long term or short (except for a mild dry mouth in extremely high dosages.) Overall Bacopa is a great, long term herb for improving your mental performance in confidence, and in the long term!

Final Thoughts

While we do not have Bacopa Monnieri available, what is available is just as good, and is known as Ashwagandha root, check it out in our nootropics store, stronger affects than Bacopa, and is one of the very few nootropics (because it’s an herb) where you won’t have to hit up that pesky CDP Choline;)

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