What is Desmopressin, and How does it Work?

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Benefits and Methods of Consumption

Desmopressin, the brand name for Vassopressin, or ADH, works by both binding and activating the V2 receptor in the brain (found in the hippocampus), and by significantly increasing memory. Because the drug increases memory of the event at hand, it becomes a perfect study drug, and causes somewhat of a photographic memory type effect.
If you take Desmopressin, the most common route of administration is through an intranasal spray, in which 40mcg is ingested (two vaporized hits in each nostril.) Desmopressin can also be found in tablet form, although the benefits and effects on both short term memory and overall memory encoding are thought to be better through the nasal spray.

Common treatments and some side effects

More about Desmopressin

Desmopressin is used for the treatment of bedwetting and diabetes insipidus, but crosses the blood brain barrier fairly easily, binding to the receptor and creating total recall of whatever event is being viewed, or heard. No sudden effect is felt from desmopressin, except for a slight buzz during the first ten minutes following administration (only present during first use of the substance.) Desmopressin has been used off label for decades for its short term memory improvement effects, with the most notable user being Tim Ferriss, quoting “I’ve used desmopressin off label for its memory enhancement effects since 1995. 10 to 15 minutes before exams in college, I’d take 4 vaporized hits, flip through the material for 10 to 15 minutes, and score 95 to 100 percent on the test.”

Desmopressin is not for the faint of heart, and is not for those new to nootropics. I suggest trying several varieties of ampakine nootropics before experimenting in it, and to be sure to take proper precautions if you do ever decide to use it (see future post, the dangers of desmopressin.)

Final Thoughts: 
Desmopressin can be a valuable asset to your future successes, although I suggest using it in moderation in order to ward off any potential side effects. So give it a try, a photographic memory could be just around the corner.
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