What is DMAE?


What is DMAE?

Dimethylaminoethanol, DMAE, is one of the major amino acids in the human body, an essential nutrient, it is found in small amounts in fish oil, and overall is one of the best supplement type nootropics available. DMAE increases acetylcholine, dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain, and the healthier one is, as well as the younger in years that they are, the higher levels of DMAE are normally present within the bloodstream. As one ages, higher levels relative to the rest of the population spectrum is usually a good indication of brain health, energy, intelligence, and overall immune system function.

More about DMAE

Who should use this supplement?

Those looking to significantly improve memory, learning capacity, attention span and overall cognition should look into DMAE. Students and entrepreneurs are the most common users of this supplement, by way of how it helps them to concentrate long term, rewiring the brain and adding loads of improved motivation. The elderly also frequent this supplement because of how it lets them maintain memory well into the older years of their lives. DMAE has also been shown to improve overall physical health, especially by way of cardiovascular endurance and the health of your skin. DMAE has been shown to help ward off wrinkles, keep away acne, and keep skin baby smooth for people of all ages, when it is supplemented regularly atop slightly increased water intake (this is because skin can also turn pale in a state of dehydration, hence the purity of the increased water.) It can also help certain skin imperfections such as blemishes or freckle, and has been known to greatly increase performance in athletes for its cardiovascular enhancement qualities!

Studies have also been run with DMAE for use as an ADHD medication, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, and fibromyalgia medication. Studies show it effective for maintenance of alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms, and it is currently prescribed off label and as a supplement in Europe for these reasons under many different brand names.

What does it do?

A precursor of choline, DMAE helps create acetylcholine, while also increasing dopamine and serotonin levels (ever so slightly as to minimize side effects) in the human brain. An extremely interesting, safe and well studied supplement, DMAE’s positive benefits include the improvement of memory formation and consolidation, enhanced learning capacity, lengthened attention span, and a marked increase in the ability to concentrate for long periods of time…mental endurance was also increased to the proportions of a low dosage of amphetamine. Majority of users find brain fog diminishes if not goes away completely, while also reporting increased motivation. It’s main mechanism of action in the elderly is as a supplemental nootropic, weak memory and brain function can be

caused by low levels of DMAE, and with the replenishment of these receptors, symptoms subside.

Best Stacks

Best stacks for DMAE include piracetam, CDP Choline, Noopept and Sunifiram. DMAE will bump up your brains receptors so that once these drugs kick in, their effects are significantly more potent than they otherwise would be.


DMAE is an extremely safe nootropic supplement with years of clinical trials and research done on it, even in extremely high dosages, and is also a naturallyoccurring compound in the human body, making it extremely hard to overdose on, regardless of dosage! No reports of addiction or abuse of DMAE have ever been documented, and overall, DMAE is a great long term supplement, huge upside potential with very little downside risk.

Final Thoughts

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