What is Fasoracetam

We have several nootropics available that are similar to fasoracetam, namely ampakines such as Noopept.

What is Fasoracetam

Fasoracetam, also known as NS-105, was developed in the early 1900’s with the intention of helping alzheimer’s patients improve cognition. Fast forward over 100 years into the future however, and facoracetam is now a nootropic smart drug which portrays itself in one of the most powerful racetams in the nootropic universe. Made from a class of compounds called the racetams, and acting on not only acetylcholine but also GABA receptors in the brain, this has the ability of activating both cholinergic and glutamate receptors of the cerebral cortex, and is a revolutionary racetam drug due to its extremely unique mechanism of action. Fasoracetam currently also shows benefits as an anti-depressant, ADHD stimulant, and an anxiolytic, it also, as proven in

laboratories across the nation, helps with the formation and retention of new memories!

More Information

Specifically though…..what is this thing?

Basicaly it is a stronger analogue of the original racetam, which is piracetam. Fasoracetam improves overall and fluid intelligence, helps improve dopamine level s and eliminate anxiety, and literally helps certain people who are just on the edge or just need that small boost, to reach their full undivided potential. It also is used to treat ADHD overseas and in some smaller developed countries in Asia.


Fasoracetam is one of the only nootropics when administered to rats prevents learned helplessness. Yes…you just read that right…it PREVENTED LEARNED HELPLESSNESS IN ANIMALS, nothing of its kind has ever been invented, though we have nootropics here, on our site, that our stronger! In animals, those given the drug were much less likely to remain immobile while submersed in water, and instead swam, whereas the other animals in the experiment drowned, fasoracetam kept them alive! This is because it increased the number of the GABA receptors in the cerebral cortex and improved energy and aggression, equating to higher levels of perserverance. The rats under the influence of Fasoracetam just wouldn’t quit.

Dosages, where can I get it?

It is almost impossible to get Fasoracetam and its use is currently restricted to clinical trials and nootropic labs. It’s hard to get your hands on and even harder to produce, and if you do manage to find a place online, it would be EXTREMELY expensive. Some research suppliers have it, but it is still not approved as a supplement in the US and is strictly a research compound, so I recommend steering away anyways. Standard dose is 100mg a day and in larger doses its euphoria and antidepressant effects come further to light. It’s strength is on par with Noopept and Sunifiram.

Experiences from online forums

Some users on longecity that have used this had greater motivation, clarity and reduced anxiety while taking fasoracetam, which basically substantiates the studies found in animals about the receptors that it influences in the brain. Human research trials with fasoracetam has rarely been done, and trials will likely begin in the next few years, however for now, its potential in humans will largely remain up to speculation. It has on longecity however, been shown to practically destroy procrastination from its high effects on dopamine, acetylcholine and motivation.

Final Thoughts

We have several nootropics available that are similar to fasoracetam, namely ampakines such as Noopept.

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