What is Guarana?

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What is Guarana

Guarana, also known as Brazilian cocoa or Paullinia cupana, is a native of South America. It is a small fruit that is bright-red in color with black seeds. The seeds are full of xanthine and tannins. It is rich in theobromine and theophylline alkaloids.It is an herbal product that is known to have stimulating properties such as enhancement of cognitive skills of the brain, mood and loss of weight. It is known to improve athletic performance and minimize fatigue or tiredness.

It works as a diuretic, aphrodisiac and an astringent. It is known to treat illnesses such as fever, dysentery, malaria, headache, and rheumatism. All these occur due to an active ingredient present in Guarana called guaranine or tetramethylxanthine, which is presently termed as caffeine. It is known to have the highest content of caffeine as compared to any other plant, and hence, is commercialized by manufacturers for its high content of caffeine.

About 4-8% of caffeine is present in Guarana, which is more than in coffee beans. It is known to enhance mental alertness due to the caffeine-tannin complex present in it. It has a stimulatory effect, but a gradual one, and hence safe to use, particularly, when combined with other agents of stimulation such as ephedrine.

Benefits of Guarana:

  • It enhances stamina, mental alertness and physical endurance.
  • It fights fatigue and enhances mood.
  • This is used in many sodas and drinks to energize the body.
  • It has highest caffeine percentage, as compared to coffee beans, which stimulates the body.
  • It is used in weight loss pills that are herbal in nature.
  • It is also known to have thermogenic properties. It is an appetite suppressor and a fat burner and hence used for weight loss.
  • It enhances cognitive skills of the brain. It aids in improving the simple reaction time.
  • It enhances feelings of well-being and alertness.

Guarana reviews:

It is known to have a major effect on energy levels and overall feeling of relaxation and calm. There have been no crashes or jitters experienced, with its use. About a consumption of 50 mg dosage in a day has seen to help the users with alertness and to overcome stress. It seems to activate the body’s metabolism. Some of the users have found help with fibromyalgia pain. People also have found a great deal of help with it, when they are tired, without any side effects. It is typically sold in powder form.

Dosage of Guarana:

For Adults (above 18 years), there is no particular dosage of Guarana, as it comes in commercial availabilities such as teas, drinks, sodas, capsules and energy drinks. If you are looking for enhancement of cognitive skills of the brain, then about 150mg dry extract of Guarana is recommended in a single dose. The extract should be standardized to an alkaloid concentration of 11-13 percent. 1g of Guarana can be taken up to four times in a day, to get relief from dysentery/diarrhea. 1-2 capsules/tablets or 200-800mg of extract, prior to having lunch or breakfast, can be taken daily for enhancement in energy levels. It should not cross over the dose of 3g. For children, it is not recommended.

Side Effects

Guarana is a well tolerated by most of the users. Any extreme or long-term use of Guarana can make you addicted or dependent on it. Mild side effects include nervousness, irritation, anxiety, headache and dizziness, which are not very usual.

Final Thoughts

A similar supplement to Guarana is Phenylpiracetam, near identical effects..yet longer lasting and significantly more potent!

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