What is Huperzine A?

What is Huperzine A?-Dosages, what it does and how to use it


Huperzine A is one of the most profound memory supplements available and has only recently had a massive popularity spike. A herbal nootropic, and surely the most potent of its class, it is extremely synergistic with all nootropics, and has the added synergy benefit of helping to potentiate the mechanism of action of many alzheimer’s drugs. It helps reduce memory loss in the elderly while enhancing hippocampal activity in healthy individuals. In extremely small dosages, significantly benefits are noticeable, however, a cycle must be done in a proper manner in order to let the drug slowly seep into your system.

Cumualtive Effects

When you first begin a regiment of Huperzine A, much like piracetam, not much is felt initially. Continue to supplement it for a single week, or three, or six however, and you will see extreme benefits to your brain health, clarity of thought, and most notably, mood and memory. Huperzine A is derived from the Chinese club moss plant called the Huperzia Serranta, and is used worldwide in clinical settings to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is best if cycled over long periods of time, such as 2-6 months in a single cycle, because with its cumulative effect, the longer you’ve been taking it for and the stronger and higher doses its effects are, the greater its cognitive benefits! Continue to take Huperzine A for weeks to months and you will see a permanent benefit much like just having taken a Piracetam. Found in alpha brain, typical dosages are from 1-200mcg per day, with the maximum dosage at 400mcg/day, though at higher dosages no side effects have been reported, so do your research, and use at your own risk.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A has been shown effective in people of all ages. In clinical trials, teenagers given the supplement demonstrated great benefits in memory and focus, all people in the experiment were young, healthy and considered neuro-typicals. Another studied was conducted at Harvard Law school and was focused on freshman JD students, each of whose test scores increased by about 7%….coincidence, you tell me?

The effects are known even more potent for those experiencing memory loss or alzheimer’s. Studies show that after less than two months of regular Huperzine administration, patients began to see serious improvements in memory and thinking abilities, as well as in severity of symptoms. Other studies also concluded dementia patients treated with the same aid had much the same improvements. Both short term and long, Huperzine A is one heck of a nootropic drug! Other benefits found include an increase in energy and alertness, management for ADHD, and potentition of other drugs, such as amphetamines, caffeine and ADHD psychostimulants. Other brain boosting supplements commonly paired with Huperzine A are vinpocetine, piracetam, Adderall and Bacopa.

What does it do and its mechanism of action

It is an alkaloid derived from a potent plant that boosts memory. What it does to the neruotransmitters in the brain is it helps with synaptic transmission, blocks the reuptake of acetylcholine in the frontal lobes, equating to higher levels of it while it is in effects, and blocks the brain enzyme acetylcholinestease, which greatly inhibits acetylcholine transmission. Low acetylchoine levels results in alzheimer’s which is why Huperzine helps.

Long Term Safety

Because Huperzine A is an herbal nootropic, it is extremely safe for long term use, with no long term side effects you’d have to worry about, (unlike some other more sketchy things like desmopressin or say…Adderall). Possible side effects include a dull headache, just like about every other racetam, due to its effects on acetylcholine in the brain. Be sure to supplement CDP Choline with it over long periods of time an dyou’ll be well on your way to brain enhancement!

Final Thoughts

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