What is Hydergine?

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My Review of Hydergine-Facts, Side Effects and Off-Label Smart Drug Use

One of the original nootropic supplements, and one of the most powerful and extreme ones (though reports on bluelight and longecity quote very different opinions of this drug), hydergine was first synthesized in 1940 by Albert Hoffman, the creator of LSD and a host of other psychedelic and psychoactive compounds. Hydergine is an alkaloid nootropic, and comes in the form of salts when taken orally by humans, it has been prescribed overseas for dementia, alzheimer’s and to help patients minds recover that are getting over the detrimental effects of a stroke (though with little success.) Approved by the Food and Drug administration sometime in the early 1950’s, this drug is safe, efficient, and portrays very little side effects in its users, when used by healthy individuals, it poses significant nootropic effects. What is Hydergine

How it Works

This drug doesn’t naturally occur in the brain, yet works in synergy with many already active and natural amino acids and neurotransmitters within the somatosensory and cerebral cortex of the brain. It helps invoke a fight of light response, block the effects of inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain, and creates a mood boosting effect very similar to an MAOI inhibitor. It is also used worldwide as an anti-aging medicine because of how it can ramp up cognitive functioning. What is Hydergine? A potent nootropic with a lot of subtle capabilities.

Effects Over Time

With the administration of hydergine also come many properties of other supplemental nootropics, like anti-oxidant and cumulative effects (adding to the reason for its anti-aging benefits). In long term periods of administration, these effects will help keep the brain healthy and in shape. Blood flow to the brain is also improved, as is circulation, overall health, and synaptic growth (or neuroplasticity.) Be sure to cycle with Hydergine to see what the effects of this drug have been on your brain before and after cognitive administration .

The gist of it

Hydergine is like taking a really high dose of piracetam, it lasts all day, you need a choline source, and over time its effects get stronger as you continue to take it. I’ll keep this blog post short and sweet, if you need a quick boost for something to study for a test, hydergine is the way to go, just be careful and always take CDP Choline, that’s all!


  1. chad trowell
    chad trowell
    , 2016-05-31

    How can I obtain Hydergine or a generic equivalent?

    • James Smoot
      James Smoot
      , 2016-06-09

      A generic equivalent would be something like Adrafinil or a nootropic stimulant with energy benefits. As far as I know genuine Hydergine cannot be obtained


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