What is Nefiracetam Powder?

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Nefiracetam Powder Effects

Nefiracetam is one of the Racetam clas

s members of Nootropics, which enhances cognitive skills in the brain in a very potent manner.

More about Nefiracetam

It is similar in chemical structure to Aniracetam, but with a slightly different mechanism of action. This enhances Acetylcholine and GABA that are neurotransmitters produced in the brain, and hence, increases the capability of memorizing, focusing and learning. Nefiracetam offers neuroprotective as well as nootropic benefits in the long term. It is fat soluble and crosses the brain blood barrier easily and thus gets into the Central Nervous System. This is how Nefiracetam has more brain penetration capacity than many others.

Benefits of Nefiracetam

  • It is potentially strong in treating both non-convulsive and convulsive seizures when consumed in case of a stroke.
  • The duration and the number of seizures are minimized at a bigger level.
  • It maximizes learning and memory skills in the brain, particularly in the long run.
  • It also enhances spatial learning, focus, attention spans and concentration.
  • It is also known to offer potential benefits for depression patients.
  • It can offer protection to brain neurons and can reverse the neuron damage, in the hippocampus region of the brain.
  • It offers anti-aging benefits and aids people who take certain drugs.

Nefiracetam powder effects Review

Nefiracetam has a good blood-brain barrier penetration and is quick in its action. Thus, blood flow in the brain increases. It interacts with neurons to maximize the mental energy of the brain, thereby improving the mental processing and formation of memories to a great level. It provides glucose and oxygen to the neurons greatly. This is also considered to be the only nootropic known to raise the choline rate absorption by the neurons. This nutrient is related to Vitamin B and aids in making acetylcholine neurotransmitter in the brain. This helps in retrieval, consolidation and encoding of memory processes. Acetylcholine

makes the brain more plastic and enables more learning, focus, reason and concentration capabilities. Nefiracetam impacts the activity of acetylcholine greatly.

Nefiracetam Dosage:

The recommended dosage of Nefiracetam is between 8.72 mg- 29.07 mg per kg of body weight. The dosage helps in treating seizures and depression.
For cognitive enhancement, the dosage ranges between 5-6mg per kg implying 330-1100mg for a person whose weight is about 150lbs. The powder can be measured on an electric scale prior to taking it. Administer the dosage in split quantities, say in about 2-3 equal doses all through the day. It is quick in action and affects the brain in 30-60 minutes when taken orally. Nifiracetam effects are observed in a short time when compared to Piracetam.

Nefiracetam Side Effects:

As with any other Racetam, they show side effects when taken in more doses. Other mild side effects include irritability, headaches, stomach problems, fatigue, dizziness and nausea. These minor symptoms pass away usually. When taken along with a choline supplement, the headaches ward off.  As such Nefiracetam has no risk of toxicity for human consumption. Up to  900mg in a day is considered to be non-toxic for consumption, over which there are side effects visible. Nefiracetam powder effects are none, as long as they remain within the recommended dosages.

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