What is Tianeptine?

What is Tianeptine?


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Tianeptine is a mood enhancing drug that is commonly used for relieving anxiety and depression. Some of the well-known brands of this drug are Tatinol, Coaxil and Stablon. It is considered to be one of the very effective drugs to treat depression, which can be from mild to severe.It is a nootropic agent as it produces a feeling of mental clarity, well-being and optimisation. It has a mood enhancing effect and is an anxiolytic and neuro-protective drug.At present, it is approved and used popularly in France. French Society of Medical Research developed this drug in 1960s. Since it was too early a research, it had not found a place in the medical industry immediately in several English-speaking areas. Tianeptine is one of the most potent nootropics.

Tianeptine and its working

More about Tianeptine

It is an SSRE- Selective Serotonin re-uptake enhancer. It is a type of tricyclic anti-depressant. Tricyclic implies the three rings of atoms in the basic structure, tt actually enhances re-absorption and re-uptake of Serotonin that the neurons release as sensors. Hence, Serotonin is eradicated off the contact and off the circulation with synaptic receptors. It works exactly in reverse of most of the antidepressants.Tiapentine has a huge influence on the mind by enhancing the Dopamine concentration in the extracellular regions such as nerves, brain and pathways of neurons. Dopamine is a mood booster and also a powerful neurotransmitter. Hence, it has a profound effect on depression. Dopamine receptors are modulated within the brain. Even Glutamate receptors have been affected by this drug. Glutamate receptors reverse the impaired neuro-plasticity, which is the primary reason of stress. Tianeptine is hence an Ampakine; as for Glutamate, it modulates AMPA receptors.

What is Tianeptine…What are the Benefits?

  • It is a Serotonin inhibitor.
  • The releasing neuron is prevented from retaking the Serotonin released.
  • It counters the most antidepressants currently available in the market.
  • It results in higher serotonin levels of neurotransmission.
  • It reduces and treats depression and anxiety.
  • As a result of high serotonin activity, they provide a mood blunting feel.
  • Serotonin activity is reduced in the pre-frontal cortex leading to mood boosting effect.
  • It relieves sadness, anxiety, stress and enhances mood.
  • It is neither an addictive drug nor a sedative drug.
  • It can treat social anxiety, obsessive, compulsive and eating disorders.
  • It can aid in helping with disorders of cerebral aging, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. These are neuro-degenerative diseases.


The pills come in 12.5 mg dosages. It is advised to take them 2-3 times in a day.

Side Effects: It is a safe and well tolerated drug. It is safe for any healthy adult. It is also considered to be safe when consumed by elderly people. It doesn’t affect the cardio vascular system in any way and hence is safe for most of the people. For people who are ailing from depression or with any other issues, it is advised for a doctor’s consultation prior to consuming them. Some of the side effects of Tianeptine are drowsiness, constipation, dizziness, low Blood Pressure, insomnia, dry mouth, etc.

My Experience

Having taken many nootropics and ampakine nootropics in the past, I knew I had to trial one that was LEGALLY PRESCRIBED to treat depression, anxiety and serious mood disorders. So I did just that, ordering tianeptine and embarking on my journey to mental stardom and perfection. While it took over an hour to kick in, and had effects
more similar to something like Sunifiram (extremly strong but not very long lasting), the potency stayed with it for hours on end, a great, smooth nootropic. I could easily see why this was an SSRE, yet a nootropic at the same time, it had many qualities added in towards that of a racetam and an ampakine-a very well rounded smart drug, and after trying it, not one that is easily passed up…..

Side effects and Conclusion on “What is Tianeptine?”

So this is where I started to get worried. Conventional SSRI’s can have some of the most profound withdrawal symptoms when someone falls dependent on them, and/or just abruptly stops taking them. Tianeptine, with its somewhat peculiar mechanism of action, is no different. After just one dosage, the next day I wanted it again, as if I wanted to be enhanced again, and wanted to be in such a good mood. While it can be effective, be careful if you dabble in it, many conventional nootropics are a much safer alternative.

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