What Limitless did for the nootropics industry, Where to find Limitless nootropics

What Limitless did for the nootropics industry?

I’ve always wondered what the closest drug to “being Limitless” is, and I think I’ve come pretty damn close, if you haven’t yet, give Adrafinil a shot, it’s like Modafinil, that “wonder drug” CEO’s take…only it’s the LEGAL VERSION!

More about Nootropics

Limitless and Nootropics

We will start with introducing what nootropics are, in this much more lighthearted and dissimilar post from the rest. Also widely known as smart drugs, nootropics are those drugs, supplements, or functional foods, which enhance the cognitive human abilities such as intelligence, memory, attention capacity, learning, etc. Initially these drugs were

discovered for their usage in improving the condition of individuals with cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Attention deficit disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, etc., since a lot of research work had shown improved results in such patients with the help of nootropics. However, these drugs are now also used by common people for applications of human enhancement owing to the enormous marketing of such products and also movies like limitless, etc. This article will describe how you can discover some limitless nootropics, nootropics with effects similar to NZT in the movie, on your own!

How is limitless involved with nootropics?

Limitless is a movie that wholly centers around cognition-enhancing drugs. The plot is about a writer who is initially dull, unproductive and unable to achieve his common life goals, when his whole life suddenly transfigures after he meets a friend of his, who offers him a drug named NZT.

This particular drug supposedly helps a human, manipulate 100 percent of his brain capacities where an individual generally just can employ only a mere 10 percent of it. With the intake of NZT, he realizes how his memory, learning, and focus increases tremendously, and that he overnight becomes the smartest man alive. A whole story follows, (for this post I’m going to assume you’ve watched it…if not GO SEE IT it’s awesome!!!) . So people after having watched this movie, obviously wanted something like an NZT drug, which, in reality, does not really exist. However, the closest supplements to NZT are these nootropics. Hence what limitless did for the nootropics industry is that it helped boost the whole of it, as immediately after this movie hit the cinemas, the demand for these smart drugs increased manifold for human enhancement applications. Most viewers of this movie obviously wanted something close to such an amazing cognitive enhancer drug or brain supplement.

People started googling closest things to NZT, drugs like NZT, is Adderall NZT etc., and things like longecity, piracetam, Noopept, etc. Came up. And thus, a multi-million/soon to be billion dollar brain power supplement industry……was born!

Benefits of nootropics

No doubt the use of these smart drugs has benefited the population hugely, and we will be discussing about such benefits, which have been commonly seen to affect most nootropics-intaking individuals. Firstly, these tend to improve the coordination of the mind and body, i.e. the primary motor functions of an individual improve drastically. Secondly, these drugs tend to make individuals more articulate in their vocabulary and grammar and speaking or writing skills. Thirdly, it tends to enhance the socializing capabilities of individuals. As seen on the movie, it is easier to socialize for those who have an enhanced confidence in speech, and when you know that you can focus, you can do anything you want. Fourthly, these help individuals get proper sleep, and this helps them to be more productive next morning. Fifthly, these drugs help in reducing the psychological stress and prevent other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, etc. It even prevents physical conditions of obesity as the individuals are always active.

Although these have numerous benefits, but there are numerous side effects too. The side effects include dizziness, nausea, headache, though these are mild at their very worst.

Final Thoughts

The best and most potent nootropics are ones that will give you that “limitless” type of feeling. These are Phenylpiracetam and Noopept, you can purchase these right here and get them in as little as a few days!

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