Common Places To Buy Adrafinil – A Review

A Review of Places To Buy Adrafinil

As with anything, everyone’s Adrafinil experiences are going to be different and unique based on their own personal preferences and experience levels. I took Adrafinil for the first time several years ago, and I can honestly say that I was somewhat blown out of the water. This article goes into detail as to my own personal Adrafinil user review. Most looking for where to buy Adrafinil online typically move to for answers.

I’d taken other nootropics, such as Piracetam, Noopept, Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam, CDP Choline, and a host of other so-called “powerful” nootropics, but what I found was that these were very subtle, and that while you could feel what they were doing, they didn’t give that “kick in the pants” that I had hoped for. See, as the owner of a nootropics website, I am constantly juggling what seems like a hundred and fifty things at once, the amount of stress (yet thrill) is absolutely ridiculous. And I love every second of it, I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Anyways..back on track here, since I’ve been running a company for so long that sells nootropics, as you can probably imagine, I’ve taken just about every single nootropic currently on the market, and especially everything that’s sold on my website. I can say that hands down (other than Hydrafinil, which we only sell like half the time) Adrafinil is hands down the strongest nootropic currently on the market. The best part of Adrafinil is that to get a prescription from your doctor is not needed, as it’s 100% legal to purchase over the web. The question of where to buy Adrafinil over the web is simple, as you can purchase it right off of this blog post!

My Adrafinil User Review

So the first day I took this, I was very excited. I had read all kinds of reviews and testimonials online from other start-up guys, college students, and regular, work-a-day Americans. The way this drug was described, it was put in a class all on its own, it was a prodrug, and while it wasn’t technically a stimulant, it was “wakefulness-promoting” which was basically a fancy way of saying….you guessed it…a stimulant. So here’s what happened basically when I took the nootropic.


It took about an hour before I felt the proper “coming up” part of the nootropic. Like with a lot of stimulants, it came on suddenly and strong and in less than an hour, I was bouncing around like the energizer bunny. Well figuratively, I basically just laid in bed and grinded on my computer all day, but WOW was it a heck of a lot more productive than when I was sober. It was like my fingers had a mind of there own as I just grinded away on the computer. Now often times this would happen when I would drink coffee vs when I wouldn’t.

However, with Adrafinil it was much, much, MUCH more pronounced. Like 5x more pronounced (and I drink bulletproof coffee…some of you guys will know what that is I’m sure.) So yeah, Adrafinil gets 2 thumbs up in my book, I see why on like literally every single forum all the guys say that Adrafinil is the “most powerful noot on the market” and similar things of the sort.


The main benefits that I felt, aside from the huge amounts of energy that I got from the drug, as explained in the previous paragraph, were increased focus, a better, more optimistic mood (which really helped me to get a lot of work done)

There were in-fact some downsides. I had to constantly drink water, and my appetite was pretty much gone. Both of these things, however, didn’t really deter my focus, and actually the loss of appetite sort of helped me work more because I didn’t have to spent time eating, I could just focus all of my energy into work.

The other downside, however, is that yes, there was a small small crash after the nootropic wore off (about 12 hours later.) It wasn’t too bad…however it wasn’t exactly pleasant either, so be sure to be ready for bed once it wears off. What I did was take a handful of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine after the drug had worn off and right before I went to bed. By the time I had woken up in the morning I had felt good as new.

This happens because L-Tyrosine is the precursor to Dopamine in the human brain, meaning it is the amino acid that is actually what CREATES dopamine, it’s how the brain converts proteins to neurotransmitters. So when you take a bunch of it, like 2-4 grams, your brain gets a dopamine pump that’s in overdrive. That, coupled with a good nights sleep, really helps your brain recover almost fully! Obviously, if you did this every single day this would stop working as effectively, you’d have to up your dose of Adrafinil and then it’d be harder to recover to 100% in one night. For once in a while, however, say 1-2 times a week, yeah…that’ll work like a charm! Almost all Adrafinil experiences end with the user in the good opinion of the drug.


Typical dosages range from 3-600 milligrams per day. ALWAYS ALWAYS, ALWAYS start with 300 milligrams per day (1 capsule off our website) as 600 milligrams, speaking from experience, can be very strong.

Side Effects

Adrafinil can have a few nasty side effects if too high of a dosage is taken all at once. Typically a range of 2-400 milligrams per day has the best effects with regards to keeping bad effects low and increasing overall cognition. Common side effects are actually fairly mild, and include:

  • Headache
  • Increased Thirst
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Jitters
  • Increased sensitivity to other drugs
  • Loss of sleep

While these may occur with any dosage that you take, and depending on the person who takes it, everyone will have significantly different effects which are dependent on tolerance level, experience, and overall genetics.

Personal Experiences

Aside from the mild side effects, and the overall jitters that I had when the drug kicked in, it actually was a very euphoric experience. If you’ve read reviews online about the “CEO’s drug” and about Silicon Valley Tech executives, this is the prodrug of that, meaning it is metabolized to that exact substance in the liver.Well, as a start-up CEO, naturally I had the strong and compelling urge to try it out. A drug that can help you make more money and be more productive? Yeah you’d bet your ass that I’m in.

So the gist of what happened is that the drug kicked in in about an hour, and I felt very euphoric, as well as had more energy in my body and mind. I’d say this easily enabled me to get twice the work done in the same amount of time. I typically work for about 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. If I take this a few days a week, it’s like getting a few extra days of work done in the week! A huge part of my business is churning out content, like this blog post (which sadly no, I am not on Adrafinil at the moment of writing…I know:) Because my thoughts were moving at a faster rate, and my body had much more energy, the 1500 word articles I was writing got done in easily half the time. The same goes for all of the SEO and media outreach I do for my business. Way easier, way faster, thoughts are way clearer. I totally see why Asprey and other millionaires are taking nootropics like this.

Would I take Adrafinil again? Oh heck yeah, I would, and I’ve taken it probably dozens of times since that first time (I’d say hundreds but I don’t want anyone judging me haha….). Anyhow…yeah I’ve taken it on so many occasions I can’t even remember how many, it’s good stuff, and since it’s helping me out tremendously with my business, why wouldn’t I keep taking it?

Adrafinil Experiences from Other Users of

“This drug really helps me to focus and be productive at work”

“I absolutely need this nootropic or I cannot get through final exams”

“This drug has changed my life, I would not be where I am in my career without it”

Legal Status

Totally legal! Isn’t the US Great:)

Common Adrafinil Stacks

Commonly stacked with nootropics such as Piracetam, Aniracetam or CDP Choline

Final Thoughts

Great nootropic drug, would do again 100%, without even a second thought. I highly recommend it! Nearly all Adrafinil experiences are entirely positive, and you will see a few bad reviews about this nootropic.

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