Why Adderall is Actually Counterproductive When Studying

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Why Adderall is Actually Counterproductive when Studying

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After having used stimulants on a regular basis for years, it can be easy to believe that the best, fastest and most effective way to study is by jacking up your cortisol levels, having an adrenaline burst, and being as stimulated and euphoric as possible. It took a few shots, but I soon realized that this was not the most effective way to learn, retain, and test, when consolidating information. The downside was I would be too jacked up to memorize as fast as I could, would have to constantly drink water due to my immense cotton mouth, and would have trouble sleeping, only to crash the next day, actually retaining very little of the information that I had studied.

The more effective way: A much more effective and safe way to study, as well as one that allows you an adequate sleep cycle post studying, is done by using a nootropic regimen in the proper amounts, keeping your cortisol levels low and sustained, and by adopting a proper lifestyle, free of the lost sleep of amphetamine binges. Noopept, the racetams, and some of the newest ampakine nootropics, such as Sunifiram, Unifiram, and Colouracetam, can give the Adderall like motivation, without all the tweaked side effects, lack of sleep, and eventual crash. When cortisol levels are lower, it can lead to much better efficiency when studying, allowing for constant, sustained learning, rather than a fast, acute burst of energy, followed by a lethargic crash.

Nootropics in this sense, provide a much needed, and much more appropriate, safe alternative to dangerous ADHD stimulants that college students take in an effort to boost test scores. By switching to nootropics, rather than succumbing to the social norm of dangerous stimulants, you will be smarter, healthier, faster, stronger, and with a greater sense of total ambition than ever would’ve been possible through the use of ADHD stimulants. They are not a sustainable way to study, and through nootropics, we have found a way to counteract the dangerous norm, still reaping the cognitive benefits of amphetamines, but without the dangerous, addictive, and crashing side effects of dangerous study drugs.

Final Thoughts

Nootropics serve as a far more effective, safe, and sustainable method to receiving a boost in your studies, learning, and motivation to succeed, and should be used as an alternative to the norm whenever possible. Check out further posts on Adderall alternatives and why nootropics serve as a more potent and effective alternative. Seek out nootropics to improve cognition and grades, it’l give you the same effects of Adderall, without all the negatives to your grades, toxicity to your brain, and risks to your life.

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