Why Are Choline and the Racetams Synergistic?

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Choline and the Racetams Synergistic  what’s the deal?

Tons of buzz and information is spread throughout the internet as to why you should supplement choline when taking racetams, especially the more long term ones such as piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam, and pramiracetam (dosage and frequency of usage are also relevant to how much, how often, and for if choline is actually needed or not.) Themajorrelationship between choline and the racetams in this sense, is due to the racetams possible depletion of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. When a racetam is ingested (in a high enough dosage to produce prominent effects), the brains acetylcholine receptors are used to improve cognition, resulting in improved memory, fluidity, clarity of thought, motor skills etc. As racetams are taken however, the brains stores of acetylcholine are used up and depleted, with the only real side effect manifesting itself in the form of a slight headache. Supplementing choline, such as Alpha GPC or Choline bitirate can completely eliminate this sometimes pesky side effect.

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Choline, due to this important fact, will also potentiate the effects of most, if not all raectams. By supplementing your brain and body with choline, not only will it in its own increase clarity of thought and overall health, but also will it ensure that your brains stores of choline, and the neurotransmitter acetylcholine are replenished to their fullest extent, allowing the racetams to work to the best of their ability.

The best and strongest type of choline is that found in Alpha GPC choline, marketed and labeled as simply “Alpha Brain” and sold by Onnit labs. Though much more expensive than regular choline (nearly twice the price), it is slightly more effective, and has a combination of nootropic-like ingredients that create effects all on their own. Another common choline supplement, and equally as effective as Alpha GPC, is centrophenoxine, a quick google search will yield quick and cheap results to a potent choline source on amazon. I recommend choline as an addition to any stack, as it will both improve its overall effectiveness, and reduce any risks otherwise associated with it.

The science behind it: Choline, and more specifically choline bitirate, is believed to work with folate and methionone-an amino acid complex, in order to both increase neuroplasticity in the brain, and potentiate nootropics that affect the acetylcholine receptor. When using a combo routine of the racetams and choline, be sure to give a few weeks for the nootropic combination to take effect. After several weeks of supplementation, you will notice positive, subtle, yet moderate effects in your mood, memory, retention rate, concentration, clarity of thought, and overall cognition.

What dosages should I use? The general rule of thumb when stacking a racetam with a choline source, is to ensure a 6-1 ratio between the racetam used, and the source of choline. For example, if you are supplementing 500mg of citicholine, you’ll want to stack it with 3 grams of piracetam for the most potent and effective nootropic response. You will feel a significant boost in your mood and overall clarity of thought within just a few weeks of supplementing this nootropic combination. Feel free to play with the dosages when using these weaker, more long-term nootropics however, as there is generally minimal to no side effects, and they are some of the safest, most studied supplements currently known. Overall, a racetam/choline stack can work wonders for a first time nootropics user, as well as for someone who is looking to add a boost to a currently stronger nootropic regiment, try it and see the potent results for yourself!

Final Thoughts

Before trying some of the more potent nootropics, my suggestion would be to start with a racetam/choline supplementation regiment, just to break into nootropics and add in a slight degree of neuroplasticity before digging into the harder, much more potent nootropics. Overall, the racetams and choline are extremely safe, relatively potent, and can add a cognitive boost to anyone who’s hoping to drastically improve your cognition, focus, mood, and overall quality of life.

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