Pills that Make you Smarter? Why Nootropics are so Unknown…

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Pills that Make you SmarterThe functioning of the human brain must be one of the most mysterious aspects of human development, even for the likes of phychologists and psychiatrists. There is so much difference in the behavior of individuals in the same environment, say students from similar family backgrounds and same age in one classroom  or a football team or even between brothers and sisters in the same family! What can explain these differences? How to deal with mannerisms which don’t conform with the norms as accepted in the society they live in? Without realizing what they were doing, people have been using some substances to control and moderate the brain and the cognitive functions it controls from the very beginning of time.With the evolution of medical science, lots of these questions are being scientifically answered and appropriate remedies like “smart” drugs have been introduced on the market to treat symptoms of disorders caused, due in part to the brain not functioning well, as well as of a way to enhance the human brain, make it run more efficiently, and to make one operate on a faster level, so that say a university student, or a tech start-up, can better succeed.Nootropics are a generic name given to an umbrella of a number of similar-sounding drugs, especially the racetams, which form a family of drugs all on their own. Since these drugs are generally prescribed and only administered under proper medical supervision, a normal man or woman on the street might not be familiar with these drugs, especially their specific names or what each drug is capable of or that collectively they have a generic nomenclature as Nootropics.So we can take a quick tour of the Nootropics and briefly understand the application of each and their benefits through some examples.

More about Nootropics

1. Piracetam is considered to be the first Nootropic synthesized and after many laboratory level tests and experiments, this drug does find use by people for improving their memory and increasing their attention and focus and in reducing their anxiety levels. It improves focus, memory, vision, and mental endurance.2. Aniracetam is very similar to Piracetam and has properties, which help in enhancing the cognitive functions and in controlling depression like feelings. Its main purpose is in helping to ward off feelings of anxiety.3. Oxiracetam ALSO belongs to the same racetam family, and in terms of the chemical composition, is not very different from the other two racetams above. HOWEVER, in terms of direct benefits, enhancing the learning ability of the users, developing better technical thinking faculties and improved sensory perception have been found to be the proven results from prolonged consumption of Oxiracetam alone or in a stack with other Nootropics, are much more potent than the above listed nootropics. Oxiracetam is great for long term use, and provides the abilities of a stimulant (such as ADHD medication) without the harsh side effects.4. Noopept can be described as the “latest kid on the block”. Noopept, in many ways, is considered the best of the Nootropics on display. Although, this is a Nootropic and does the same job as the other smart drugs listed or not listed here, it is up to 1000x stronger than most other nootropics, and is done so by activating entirely different receptors, equating to its different and much more potent overall effects.The gist of nootropics?For specific nootropics, search around this website and check out an article on a specific one you’re looking for, until then….know that this is the gist.Herbal NootropicsThings like Ashwagandha and Bicopa extract, purely from plants, these have the safest but weakest of effects in the realm of nootropics. These help boost the effects of your supplemental nootropics by getting you into a positive state of mind.Supplemental NootropicsDMAE, ALA, CDP Choline, etc. These help to boost the effects of nootropics such as the racetams, by acting as “boosters of sorts.” While also giving you energy if taken on their own and over long periods of time, when taken with a racetam, they help give choline and energy for Racetams to use, therefore giving you a grand “nootropic effect.”RacetamsThe original nootropics, these are the first on this list to pose very potent nootropic effects. These work best and have the least array of side effects if used alongside both herbal and supplemental nootropics. You can find these also in our nootropics store, these include things like piracetam, pramiracetam, aniracetam, and oxiracetam.AmpakinesThe strongest of all nootropics!

Ampakines include things such as Sunifiram, Noopept, Phenylpiracetam and Adrafinil, and they will REALLY get you going, these are stronger and safer than most psychostimulants, and when used over the long term and in regiment with the nootropics listed above, they really supercharge your brain, and can jumpstart your business and academic careers!Final ThoughtsNow that you know the gist behind nootropics, check out our nootropics store for any needs you may have! Here’s some general nootropics for your consideration.


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