Why Armodafinil is Now Among the Most Powerful Smart Drugs

Armodafinil is Now Among the Most Powerful Smart Drugs

While Armodafinil can be hard to get, we have Adrafinil in stock that is 99% identical to the prescription!

Armodafinil is a newly patented form of the original pro-drug for narcolepsy, Modafinil, which carries with it a longer, stronger and cleaner duration, much more potent effects, and much less of a vast array of sometimes harsh side effects. Armodafinil was created by the same company that produces modafinil/provigil, Cephalon, and is estimated as up to 5 times as strong as modafinil on a per milligram basis. A nootropic smart drug used to increase wakefulness and alertness, armodafinil results in overall enhanced mental performance and is sold as a prescription drug for narcolepsy (just like modafinil) under the brand names Nuvigil, and Wakealert, and has only recently been

approved in the United States. Th0ugh it is a prescription drug, many in smart drug communities use it as a general cognitive enhancer as it is considered relatively safe and with few side effects, the positives far outweight the negatives due to this drugs extreme benefits on mental performance, energy, and overall productivity levels, both short term and long!

More Information

Armodafinil was originally developed as a wakefulness promoting agent for those suffering with chronic daytime fatigue, it is useful in a plethora of conditions, from narcolepsy to chronic fatigue, ADHD, and even obesity (due to its stimulating effects that can help to increase weight loss.) Armodafinil‘s major popularity and the surge in the number of prescriptions written for it in just a short span of time (over 1.6 million users worldwide already!) is due to nootropic guru’s ordering it online, as well as “doctor shopping”, hoping to lie about an illness in order to gain a productive momentum in the competition. Armodafinil gives extreme energy levels without the harsh side effects that many conventional stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin can bring with them, which is why it is so popular among biohackers and entreprenuers looking to gain a serious edge.

Many researchers have compelling evidence that Armodafinil can and does help to alternate and enhance communication between how the brain carries messages that convey tiredness to the rest of the body, giving an essentially unending (for the duration of the drugs effects) boost of focused and clean energy. Armodafinil will not affect the normal circadian rhythm and can be used in one of two ways to hack your mind/body, and productivity.

To boost performance while well rested: This is how I normally use any type of Afinil whenever I need a productivity boost. Eat good and get a good nights sleep, then take the pill right as you wake up in the morning. Use your new-found creativity and productivity to work on your business, study for an important exam, etc.

To boost performance after an all-nighter and thus increase time: This one is much scarier, much less safe, and much more in a classic entrepreneurial sense. This is normally done by someone who needs to be extremely productive, so say someone who’s working on a startup while going to school. I have done this probably a dozen times over the course of the past year, and while it is NOT fun at all, and is most likely not very healthy, if you need to be superman in terms of productivity, this is the route you should choose. Pull an all-nighter (a true all-nighter, go about a normal day then stay up all night and do NOT go to sleep at the end of it). Let’s say your all-nighter ends at 7am, take an armodafinil and go about a regular day, then sleep at 10pm, midnight etc. Whenever you feel tired, you won’t upset your circadian rhythm, and you’ve just had 36 hours straight of unending productivity!

Used as a brain booster in extreme amounts of non-clinical settings, armodafinil has also been shown to have an appetite suppressing effect, and bodybuilders and sprinters are realizing that it helps them increase the intensity of workouts (though I don’t recommend this, it’s still much better than using traditonal psychostimulants and exercising..so use at your own risk, and always exercise caution.)

Final Thoughts:

Armodafinil is only available by prescription, and though many online pharmacies carry it, it can be tough and sometimes sketchy to order online. I suggest using a legal alternative that can pose the same exact effects, and maybe increasing the dosage to compensate for the slight drop in potency such as Adrafanil. Put your thoughts below and let me know any experiences or questions you may have regarding modafinil/provigil, armodafinil etc.

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