Why Athletes take Phenylpiracetam

Why Athletes take Phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam, also referred to as Carphedon or Phenotropyl, was cultivated in Russia, during the 1990 era. For the first time, its benefits were elaborated on a Russian research material, as early as in 1983. Thereafter, it was manufactured largely under the name Carphedon, and was offered to the astronauts or military, so that they can perform their job better.

These days Phenylpiracetam has gained widespread popularity all across the globe, after it was approved by the Russian authorities in 2003, as a prescribed drug for improving cognitive skills and the physical strength of an individual. In the 2006 Winter Olympics, an athlete was even banned for using the smart drug, because it gives the individual performing a competitive edge, a leg up on the competition if you will.  Phenylpiracetam increases cold tolerance and physical strength and stamina, as well as mental focus. However, it has been largely used by the athletes for enhancing their overall performance during training since (which is legal since it gets out of your system in as little as 72 hours for regular users) . Hopefully that olympian was using her CDP Choline!

Utilizing the Benefits of the Smart Drug:

Even though the exact mechanism of phenylpiracetam is not very clear, it is known to improve human memory considerably. It acts as a stimulant and even enhances locomotive activities such as enhancing muscle strength and coordination, in a better way. However, the Russian researchers suggest that the therapeutic effects of the drug might vary according to the individuals. The generally understood truth however, is that when one ingests Phenylpiracetam, both dopamine and acetylcholine recepotors are blocked in their original reuptake mechanisms, causing a flood of these two great neurotransmitters in the frontal lobes of the brain-and overall, allowing for greater memory, endurance, and focus!

Usually phenylpiracetam is used by students as well as medical professionals for improving their cognitive skills, but it can be used by anyone who wants to stay awake and alert, while improving their productivity alongside.  Even though the drug is mostly used as stimulant, it has far reaching effects than the same. It is particularly recommendable for those, who are working in stressful atmosphere every day, for removing nervousness, restlessness and irritation.


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More about Phenylpiracetam

Ideally phenylpiracetam should be taken between 100 to 300 mg a day. It can be split into two halves, and taken. Because of its fast action, it is not at all recommended to be consumed at night, as it can lead to insomnia! It acts best, if taken in the morning as well as afternoon.

My experience

As soon as I started using phenylpiracetam drug, I have gained a creative spirit, and concentration for finishing the pending tasks with more enthusiasm and energy! This is very important in today’s world, where we have to meet our daily targets!

Side Effects:

The best way to maximize the benefits of phenylpiracetam is to combine it with Alpha GPC or Citicoline, so that it can balance the effects of the stimulants and regulate the mood swings and energy levels.

Why Athletes take Phenylpiracetam?

Athletes and body-builders find phenylpiracetam beneficial, as a supplement to be taken before a workout session. It enables the body to recover quickly, and even removes tiredness and overall strain. Since it improves metabolism by releasing mental energy, individuals can also focus on the same task for longer period of time than earlier. Another reason why athletes take phenylpiracetam and turn to the drug is because of the superb energy levels they get after its consumption, which is very useful while they are in the ground.]

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the amazing and relatively unknown nootropic drug Phenylpiracetam, you can get your hands on it and start improving your athletic premise, mental focus, and overall quality of life!


  1. Lorraine Shade
    Lorraine Shade
    , 2016-07-09

    Is it best to buy phenylpiractam in powder or tablet form and would like. I need some prices and would like to order.

  2. Louis
    , 2016-07-17

    Ey fucktards could you not state “Diseases that can be treated”…

    We all enjoy nootropics, but it’s idiots like you directly contradict FDA guidelines and market this stuff as medicine that gets it banned for all of us…


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