Why Cyclists Take Phenylpiracetam

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Why cyclists take Phenylpiracetam

A brief history for a better knowledge

It is actually quite clear why cyclists take Phenylpiracetam, and this is the reason why, we dedicate this article to diminish all your doubts on this particular topic. This drug was initially developed in 1980 and was sold in Russia. Today, this drug is sold as a prescription drug, and is known as Nootropil, Phenylpiracetam, Demiurge, and Carphedron .

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More about Phenylpiracetam

Benefit, is there any?

Let us start from the very beginning and say that Phenylpiracetam can, in other words, be called as Carphedon, which in turn is an acetamide, a Piracetam derivative. With the addition of the phenyl group, the entire compound works differently than what Piracetam would do. We can easily say that it is because of this Phenyl group, that it enables the phenylpiracetam to transcend the blood-brain barrier much faster and easily, than any other compound. And as our research reveals, it is said that phenylpiracetam not only has a longer half-life, but it is also bio-available than the Piracetam. All these various factors make Phenylpiracetam to be at least 20 to 60 times stronger than its contender, Piracetam.

A person’s Experience..

“On a personal note, I was against using any type of drugs until one day, I was down with severe depression and a terrible state of mind. This was when my stamina was lacking and when everything made me angry. I could not perform well, and it took a toll on, both my health and my cycling abilities. And it was only then that I came across the thought as to why cyclists take Phenylpiracetam? And soon I found the answer. Not only did it improve my stamina, but it made me work much faster and with much enthusiasm. I must not completely give all the credit to this particular drug, but I am more than sure that this drug had much to do with such an upliftment in my mental and physical condition. So, to sum up, I can absolutely praise phenylpiracetam to have enhanced my cognition and mood.”


The first thing you need to do is start by taking at least, and certainly not any more than, 100 mg per day. This way, you get to experiment your way in into the right quantity of phenylpiracetam. However, always remember that you need not take any more than 700 mg, because that might turn the entire process into a different direction, as far as side effects. Another important thing is that, you need not take the drug all at once; you can divide the consumption into early morning and early afternoon doses. The thing is, this compound is available in both powder form, as well as in pill form, so if you get the powder form, it will be easier for you to divide the quantity, but that still does not mean that you cannot divide it in the pill form. However, do keep a check on the quantity because that is very important.Do not excess 700mg, start with 100mg per day, and increase the dosage as needed to help compensate for tolerance.

Side effects

Like other racetams, phenylpiracetam too might bring fits of headache and might upset your stomach. However, this can be solved very easily, at least the headache. All you have to do is include some dose of choline with the phenylpiracetam and you will not have any big fits of headache.

Then why would cyclists take it??

Two reasons: STRENGTH and…ENDURANCE. It clears the bloodstream fast making it easy to use without getting caught, unlike something much more dangerous and illegal like steroids, and can create such a physical and mental rush of energy that one’s endurance and strength will increase to leaps and bounds past what even a professional athlete is used to if a professional cyclist was to take Phenylpiracetam. Phenylpiracetam is a very potent and neat smart drug, and overall, is certainly one of the most potent.

Final Thoughts

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